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Somatic Healing with Raman Pascha - A Review

Reviewed by Victoria Steffens

Raman's evening on Somatic Healing was gently empowering, as he encouraged us to become aware of the communication between ourselves and our body. Our body is connecting with us and is listening to us at all times. It knows exactly what it needs to heal and when we consciously listen to this, our awareness can support and guide this. Our body is part of us; it is not separate to us. Therefore, we have a very powerful ability to support our desired health and function in our bodies.

As our body is our primary environment, it is essential we awaken this intricate communication and we begin to answer from a place of conscious awareness. Our state of well-being has an impact on our perception, so if we have a healthy, alert, responsive system, we can determine real or projected threat/disaster.

We need to allow ourselves to feel the presence of our soul in the body we have. The breath is a very helpful tool with this, as when we consciously breathe there is an automatic engagement. And when we come back into balance and harmony, healing is possible. We have such power and influence over ourselves and what can happen. We need to remember one again to trust in this wisdom.

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