OM Mala Lava Stone Scented Jewelry

Lava stones hold the properties of calm and grounding and it's pourus quality creates a great vessel for working with essential oils and perfumes. These bracelets, made in indonesia create an ideal wearable essential oil diffuser. Lightly spray the Lava Beads with it's provided fragrance and wear it as it diffuses throughout the day releasing it's beneficial properties.


Thread Colour and Scents:

(Yellow and Pink) Lemon: Clarity & Purification

(Lilac and Magenta) Rosemary: Energy & Love

(Blue and Red) Lavender: Calming & Protection

(Green and Blue) Ylang Ylang: Joy & Happiness

(Red and Black) Grapefruit: Joy & Positivity

(Black and White) Orange: Creativity &  Luck

(Blue and Orange) Lemongrass: Balance & Love

(Pink and Black) Geranium: Balance & Health


OM Mala Lava Stone Scented Jewelry


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