Pascha Feeling Sprays

Pascha Feeling Sprays support you to heal, balance and strengthen your energy as you live and grow. Their beautiful aromas lift our awareness and open us to new ideas and understanding.


All Available Feeling Sprays:


To bring a feeling of balance in the midst of change, busyness andstrong feelings. Supporting a feeling of balanced openness with trust.



To support a feeling of calm and peace when anxiety, fear, or nervousness is felt. Assisting feelings to move and ease. Creating a feeling of calm.



To support the mix of feelings when change is happening in life. Acceptance grows and a relaxed feeling develops.



To assist with clarity of focus and concentration. Bringing a clear energyheld in a calm and still mind.



To support the process of healing in the body, emotions, mind and soul. Allowing a gentle feeling of balance and energy for the healing needed.



To support the heart to stay open and loving. Assisting the healingof the hurt and grief.



To support an open flow of feelings and intuition with trust and clarity. Stimulating inspiration and messages from your soul and spirit.



To allow a deepening feeling of inward retreat. Permitting inner calm to fill body, mind and soul.



To aid recovery from shock, stress and illness. Allowing for feelings and energyto find a calm balance.


To create a feeling of conscious awareness of Self, Soul, and Spirit. Accessing your energy to live from a place of heart centred knowingness.


To support a deepening feeling of connection to spirit, guides and the universe. Allowing the intuitive language of the Soul to speak clearly with messages of love, visions and words.

To gently support feelings of grief and sadness, fear and hope. Strengthening connections to Self, Spirit, God and the Goddess.


Pascha Feeling Sprays

Feeling Spray
  • Pascha Feeling and Colour sprays
    1. Close eyes, spray mist in front of face, inhale.
    2. Spray on pulse points, for direct support in creating a balance.
    3. Spray mist in a room to create a supportive environment to aid
    healing, relaxation and creativity.

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