Raman's Rose Essence

Raman’s Rose Essences will support you at an energetic level. Subtly allowing balance and ease to be felt. Your thoughts and actions will then move towarddecisions and choices that will support you in positive ways.


Supporting your growth and awareness of balance between your human physical needs and spiritual energies. Your Soul, Self, mind and body. Allows for calm and clarity.


When you need to be able to relax and let go, finding your center again, this essence will allow you to find your inner peace and calm. From this place you will see clearly. You will also feel supported during upheavals and challenges in your life.


To support you in times of new growth and change. Responding to new beginnings with acceptance and positivity. This will keep your life moving.


Allowing you to overcome the fear within you and respond to the obstacles of life with Love and awareness. Letting you be more yourself and show who you are.


Supporting you to open fully to what you feel. Finding your emotional balance and unlocking energy to flow and be understood. To help you to allow your feelings.


In times of grief and loss this essence will help you to reach acceptance. To find a still place inside to recover a feeling of understanding and trust.


Restores your mental, emotional and physical health and balance. Assists with healing your Soul pain and grief. Helps your body to repair and heal energetically and physically. Creates joy and happiness in your feelings of Self.


To allow your heart to open and heal from hurt. Both past and present. The blossoming of Love within you, for yourself and others. To feel more Love.


Helping you to identify and trust your feelings and development of your intuition.
With this essence your ability to be intuitive will be strengthened.


To give you an enhanced experience of meditation, deepening and opening the sacred spaces within you. Allowing you to receive the inner process of Self with confidence.


To assist and support recovery during and from shock, injury and intensity of feelings. Your First Aid Remedy.


To use when you wish to open up to more of your Soul awareness in meditation, prayer, connection to divinity and your guides. This will aid in your spiritual development.


This essence allows confidence to grow in self. To feel courage in growth and recover self-esteem. A foundation essence to support your development.


Cultivating faith, trust and belief in Self. Hope in the future and letting go of the past. Embracing change in your life.


Personal Soul Essence
A Personal Soul Essence can be created for you by Yasmeen with Raman’s instruction as to what you need to enhance your growth and support your healing balance. A personal guidance card is included. P&P Please allow 7-10 days.



Raman's Rose Essence

  • Instructions For Use

    Raman's Rose Essences

    Hold the intention and result you are wanting within you. As the feeling grows, take the essence and allow yourself to relax and open to the energy that will now balance inside. You will feel the essence work to balance body, mind, emotions and spirit.

    They may be taken individually or in tandem, not more than two essences at once is advised. Take 3 drops by mouth. Avoid dropper contact with mouth. Use not within 30 mins of food, beverages or after brushing teeth. Can be added to your bath and absorbed through your skin.

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