Pascha Colour Sprays

Pascha Colour Sprays have an energy and vibration that is in harmony with natural colour energy. They are a beautiful form of colour therapy. Feel the benefit of soothing colour give its healing and relaxation to your body, mind and soul.


All Available Spray Colours:

Supports strong physical energy and vitality in the body.
A physical boost for the body.
Supports a good sense of Self in life and in relationship to Self and others.
Boosts Self confidence.
Supports clarity of feelings. Allows feeling energy to flow and change.
Supports a healthy and loving open heart.
Assists a balance of strength and gentleness.
Supports expression of Self in voice, words and actions.
Strengthens your voice and energy.
Supports clarity of intuition. Enhances feelings of intuitive confidence.
Supports the feeling of spiritual connection and divine guidance.


Brings clarity and light into awareness. All is seen clearly and with focus.


Supports healing in body, emotions, mind and soul. An energy of trust grows gently.


Supports the changes you choose and the changes you feel. You can let go and trust.


Supports the clarity of memory and healing of past lives and old energy.


Supports the unlocking of energy within the body, feelings,mind and soul. Allowing the healing and energy to flow.


Supports the manifestations of dreams and soul energy into your life andthe world.


Supports the creative spiritual energy of the feminine into dreams, visions,awareness and expression.




Pascha Colour Sprays

  • Pascha Feeling and Colour sprays
    1. Close eyes, spray mist in front of face, inhale.
    2. Spray on pulse points, for direct support in creating a balance.
    3. Spray mist in a room to create a supportive environment to aid
    healing, relaxation and creativity.

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