Wellbeing Sprays

In times of illness or lack of energy, turn to the well-being range to support your healing and recovery. Have a personal sould spray made for you, to support your own unique personal & spiritual growth and healing. Use the sprays by spraying toward your face and inhaling, spraying into a room to give a supportive aroma and on pulse points on your body.


Relax Me Spray

For helping you to relax, also aiding in sleep.


Pick Me Up Spray

For giving a lift in your energy when tired or busy.


Cold & Flu Support Spray
For clearing your head & nose, and easing congestion.Spray and inhale as needed.


Head Ease Spray

For easing head pain and tension.


Personal Soul Spray

We can create a personal soul spray for you. This blend will
compliment and express your soul energy and nature in your life.
Enhancing all that you achieve and do.


Wellbeing Sprays

  • Pascha Feeling and Colour sprays
    1. Close eyes, spray mist in front of face, inhale.
    2. Spray on pulse points, for direct support in creating a balance.
    3. Spray mist in a room to create a supportive environment to aid
    healing, relaxation and creativity.

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