Smudge Bowls (Varied)

High Quality Ceramic | Specially Moulded | Designed in Australia


Begin a spiritual journey by cleansing and protecting your space.


The practice of smudging has long been used as a ritual tool for clearing negative energy. A burning sage stick is used to bless, heal or cleanse by 'washing' the smoke over the person, object or space you are clearing. Wild Scents' smudge bowls are perfect to safely burn, extinguish and display our sage, with a specially designed internal holder for burning sage.


Dreamcatcher: This charming smudge bowl features colourful dreamcatchers which are traditionally used to capture negative energies in the air, mirroring the purifying effect of smouldering sage.

Hamsa: The Hamsa is an ancient symbol of protection, worn throughout history to bless & bring strength to the wearer, as well as deflect the Evil Eye. Combined with the purifying properties of sage, this smudge bowl is perfect for ensuring your space is free from negative energies, and will empower you in all aspects of life.

Chakra: Get in touch with your Chakras - the 7 energy centres of the physical and spiritual human body. Each Chakra represents a range of different traits, such as intuition, love, empowerment and more. When you feel a blockage in your energy flow, smudging is the perfect way to wash away negative energies and realign the Chakras, achieving harmony and balance within.

Mandala: The Mandala (Sanskrit for "circle"), is a deeply spiritual symbol of wholeness. Each Mandala is uniquely symmetrical and highly detailed, forming a kaleidoscopic depiction of the cosmos and its infinite wonder. Through the ancient practice of smudging, your freshly cleansed space will reflect the balanced and meditative state of the mandala.

Pentacle: Find your modern-day spirituality through the ancient method of smudging. This smudge bowl features an intricate, multilayered symbol combining a Pentacle, Triple Goddess & Tree of Life, perfect for those with a witchy side. Feel the energies of Maiden, Mother & Crone fill your space as you wash away negativity with gently smouldering sage.


*sage stick not included


Smudge Bowls (Varied)

  • The bowl may become hot to touch after prolonged use. To keep bowl cool, fill main part of bowl with sand and keep the burning sage stick in the internal holder. The sand can also be used to extinguish the sage.

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