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The Master Khamouri, or Raman as he is affectionately known, is an Enlightened Spiritual Master who has been communicating through his beloved Yasmeen since 1986.


We are one of New Zealand's leading centres for personal and spiritual growth.


Yasmeen is a deeply gifted spiritual teacher and guide who has been supporting, teaching and guiding others since 1986.


Jonathan Spark is Yasmeen's husband and business partner who has been assisting both Raman and Yasmeen since 1994.

Salaam and welcome to Pascha

​Yasmeen and Jonathan have been working in the field of personal and spiritual growth for 35 and 26 years respectively. Bringing a Heart Focused, Feeling Based, Soul Centered approach to the therapeutic and healing support they bring to their clients.

Pascha – Nourishing Body and Soul  is a space of healing, education, support and growth. An education and training centre that supports self-empowerment through the development of intuition, listening to ones feelings and awakening to your Souls purpose in life.

If you are seeking one on one personal support for counselling or guidance, then you will find professional help with Yasmeen and Jonathan that will give you clarity, insight and support, while helping you to understand why you feel what you feel. This is a very effective and accelerated form of therapeutic support and guidance.


​Pascha - Nourishing Body & Soul opened in 2007, becoming one of the leading centres for personal and spiritual growth in New Zealand. We are a place of well-being, growth, learning and healing, with an overall intention to support people in conscious awakening to the true nature of life. The guiding principles of Pascha come from the loving teachings of Raman Pascha and Pascha Therapies Ltd. (Yasmeen Clark and Jonathan Spark).


In February 2004 Yasmeen began the Pascha Therapist Training course, assisted by Jonathan. This course teaches and empowers Intuitive Therapeutic abilities. Its foundation lies with the understanding that when we listen to ourselves, we can access the answers to why we feel the way we do and how to resolve and heal our feelings. Conscious intuition is the result of listening to our feelings with awareness. These teachings are centered on learning to live with awareness of feelings. Understanding the human experience as a journey of the Soul and allowing the bridge of consciousness to be open to what is felt and thought.

Madras 2010

Madras St waiting room, 2010

Yasmeen Clark began her work as a teacher and channel for Raman Pascha, The Master Khamouri in 1986. In 1995 Yasmeen created Intuitive Therapies Ltd. with her husband Jonathan Spark. In 2007 they established the Pascha Centre and rebranded the training and business to Pascha Therapy and Pascha Therapies Limited. Pascha is the education and training centre for Pascha Therapies Ltd. and the New Zealand Association of Intuitive and Pascha Therapists.

Along this journey, Yasmeen and Jonathan have built with Chris Penny, the award winning café Hello Sunday and later the award winning restaurant 5th Street. India Personal Tours New Zealand is another venture they enjoy operating with their India business partners.

We hope you enjoy your visit and welcome you to our website and all we have to offer you for your personal and spiritual growth.

Warm Regards,

Yasmeen and Jonathan

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