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The Pascha Way Course


It is a requirement before registration that all interested person’s talk with Yasmeen before submitting their registration. This is to ensure that this course will support their individual needs adequately.

This can occur at the introduction evening held in November or at a prearranged time. A registration form is made available at either of these meetings.

This is a limited numbers course that draws a lot of interest so early registration is recommended.

Ownership and Use of Pascha Therapies Limited Material​

Pascha Therapies limited owns the intellectual property rights in material used in its courses. Trainees may not:

  1. reproduce Pascha Therapies Limited material in any form;

  2. record any course teachings with any electronic or digital recording device;

  3. reproduce their handwritten course notes in any form; except with PTL’s express written permission.


Trainees shall keep confidential: All information of a personal, sensitive or confidential nature disclosed by other trainees or PTL staff during a course; and the identity of clients and all information received from clients during any client training sessions.

Privacy Act Disclaimer

The collection, use, storage, disclosure a correction of personal information by Pascha Therapies Ltd and the New Zealand Association of Intuitive and Pascha Therapists is governed by The Privacy Act 1993.

Future Direction

We are always working to grow and develop our work, this training and the Association. We are in the transition of a practitioner title change: moving from the generic Intuitive Therapist to the specific Pascha Therapist. We feel this new title acknowledges the tradition of training path more clearly, the origins being Yasmeen’s teacher, Raman Pascha, The Master Khamouri. In ancient Persia, a Pascha was a spiritual advisor or guide. This training empowers you in the tradition of the spiritual human guide. Your consciously developed intuition along with the Pascha Method being the foundation of this.



The NZAIPT members have many opportunites to further develop their personal and spiritual growth within Pascha Therapies Ltd and the NZAIPT community.

Some Ongoing Events

  • Raman’s Inner Life Meditation Practice with Jonathan

  • Intuitive Energy Healing Training

  • Classes and Courses with Yasmeen and Raman

  • Womens Retreats

  • Adventure Days

  • A Good man's Life Training Course

Community Activities: NZAIPT Community

The NZAIPT Community offers many wonderful opportunities to have social interaction with others of like mind. Such as the monthly Friday evening social gathering, fornightly email events newsletter, the annual fun run, Christmas picnic and AGM Conference with formal dinner. Members build lasting friendships and connections that support them in all areas of their lives. We encourage members to develop their own aspects of personal and spiritual work, which in turn becomes available to support all.




"The facilitators are all a shining example of people who have strongly reclaimed their sense of Self and their connection to their Soul in everyday life. They have supported me very lovingly on my own journey of reclaiming Self. More and more I feel a strong enough and consistent enough connection with myself, to make space for all parts of me, to stay open to my sensitivity. I am experiencing my sensitivity as a strength. A gift for myself of which I am learning to make available in my support of others."

— Christopher Reid, Year 1 2008