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The Pascha Foundation Charitable Trust

About The Trust

The Pascha Foundation Charitable Trust was established some years ago by Yasmeen and Jonathan as a vehicle for supporting the growth, life, healing and well-being of others in our world. We have a philosophy of supporting those who support others as directly as possible.

The trust also receives money from the members of the NZAIPT which goes directly to the Volunteer Children's Development School Cambodia.

We run the trust on a transparent basis and account records are available to the public on request.

Charities currently supported by Pascha Therapies Ltd and The Pascha Foundation Charitable Trust:

The Volunteer Development Children's Association, Cambodia

In July 2007 Yasmeen, Jonathan and their daughter Savahna visited Seim Reap Cambodia at the suggestion of their friends while in Singapore, it was near the end of the most extraordinary 5 days that they asked their Tuk Tuk driver San Borin, would he know of a school or place that may be needing help and support. San drove them past the Killing Fields memorial down a dirt track, to a school comprised of bamboo and dirt.

There they met its principle the most loving and gentle Mr Togh Main a young Khmer man who had been a Buddhist monk since aged 11. At 22 yrs he set up a school with is friend to help the poor children of Seim Reap. Sadly a year later his friend was killed in a car accident and Togh was continuing there dream. We spent a lovely 2 hours with Togh and decided we would commit to finding a way to support him and his children on a regular basis. He had no permanent sponsor and was surviving on donations to run a school for 600 students on $500us /month.

Since this time we, with support of some of the members of the NZAIPT have regularly sent nearly $500nz per month to Togh and we have had great pleasure of watching his school grow.

Highlights have been:

  • The building of a new purpose built school, send a Christmas bonus of $2000

  • Fund raising to send a volunteer teacher Chris Muir, for 3 months

  • Fund raising to finish roof of new school to dampen noise from rain

  • Visiting with a small group in July to work and teach at the school

  • Supporting numerous people in their travels to get to meet with Togh and work at his schools

  • Establishing a monthly donation based on coffee sales from our Cafe Hello Sunday


Jonathan and Yasmeen are in regular contact with Togh ensuring on going support for him and his children. You can be reassured that all money donanted through the NZAIPT and Spirit of Living Charitable Trust goes directly to supporting Togh, the school and the Children.

Togh now promotes VDCA and his schools largely through Facebook you can like and follow his ongoing charitable work here

Want to get involved?

Thank you for your support!

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