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Raman Pascha -

The Master Khamouri

The Master Khamouri, or Raman as he is affectionately known, is an Enlightened Spiritual Master who has been communicating through his beloved Yasmeen since 1986.

This profound relationship has allowed Raman to share his extraordinary love and understanding of humanity with many hundreds of people. Ramans love and support is felt on a deeply personal level and since his final incarnation 2500 years ago he has continued to find ways and to offer profound and loving understanding of our human experience in life.

His teaching is focused in guiding humanity towards self empowerment. Through understanding the power of our feelings and listening to our intuitive inner voice. He encourages us to embrace our humanness and see the Divine in all life. Allowing us to accept change as a part of the eternal movement of life.

Through teaching evenings, workshops and seminars he brings effective information on how to achieve greater Self awareness and live in balance in our lives. His loving wisdom inspires, guides and empowers all who know him.

One on one appointments with Raman cost $250 and last 1 hour. Recording included.

Receive Raman's loving wisdom through:

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"Like a new day dawning, your life begins anew from each and every moment of growth.
Be open, dear hearts, to all that will grow and progress within you.
You grow and renew with each new day"

- Raman Pascha

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