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Raman's Story

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

I come this day to bring you a little history of who I have been, where I have come from, and the learning that unfolded for me.

Many of you may have a sense of the Persia of that time. For many of that period, knowing and understanding life involved growing and evolving in a way that was very much related to the environment; very much related to the atmosphere of life, the hustle, bustle, and knowing, indeed, that Persia at that period was a very busy place. I was born of Persian/Afganistani parents of the northern regions of Persia. I was very, very much a wanted son, a younger child of a very large family, and of course was welcome into the very hub of life. From a very young age I sat and listened to my mother and to the women around her, talking and sharing tales of life and learning, and I learned to understand that there were many different stories.

People had many different feelings, many experiences, and when these experiences were shared, then grand understanding unfolded. As I sat at my mother's feet while she prepared food, while the women sat around and shared the learning and the chores, I, as a child, absorbed and observed. Of course, I was very quick to speak when I was young. I learned and listened, but I was also eager to join in and I would very soon notice and observe very small things around me. I became aware of details - things that people simply did not notice. This, to me, was extraordinary, and I understood, as I grew, that many people did not seem to notice anything other than what they were focused on. The details, the background, the foundations of things, did not seem to exist for them, so caught up were they in their own perception that the world almost ceased to exist. However, indeed I did notice, and understood how important these details of life were.

Well, of course, I talked and talked so much that my father decreed that I should begin to learn, because I questioned, because I sought answers, and I was also very happy to arrive at my own conclusions. I took to debating at a very young age and, in fact, at the age of eight years I began to talk with one of my father's elder friends and formed a friendship. This man was very tolerant of me and he indulged my love of discussing my ideas, my observations, and as a grand gift he did not chastise me or tell me that I should not inquire, but indulged my interest, and that particular period of time became very formative for me. My father knew and understood that a friendship would evolve that was different from the relationship that I had with him, and as such this man grew to be a mentor for much of my lifetime.

Over the years I soon learned that I was going to be leaving much of the women's company and moving more into the areas of the males. In Persia a young boy of around the age of twelve was encouraged to leave the kitchens, to leave the home grounds, and to go sit in male company and learn to be a male by observing and imitating what men did. So the postures of sitting, the rules of etiquette and conversation were learned, not by chastisement, but by an eagerness to join in. Therefore to emulate meant that the rules of etiquette and conversation developed very quickly, very swiftly. As such, I learned that I had very important observations of life and realized that when I offered them, very often it would cause eyebrows to raise. Indeed, many a joke began to be formed that this young lad was going to have something to say about something. Now, of course, in this joking much indulgence was there because I had an innate ability to put my finger on the heart of a matter. So much so that it quite surprised the angle or perception that others saw was occurring. Indeed, neither did I seek attention through this but sort to understand why my approach was quite different from others; why indeed I was more prepared to involve the whole of a situation rather than just the emotional detail.

As I grew and became a young man I learned to make my way rather independently in life and I took on a role of courier for my father as an emissary to the Royal Court. Over a period of years, until I reached around the age of twenty, I continued to carry messages, royal official information, and indeed I came to know and enjoy the company of many people. This period of my life allowed me to stand at ease in my own self.

Over these years I had many experiences of awakening to the spiritual dimensions that are a part of every human being. I became aware of the parts of Self that speak differently. I became aware of what kept these parts from speaking, and I knew and understood that it was very important to make a clear pathway for self-expression, for clarity, creativity and knowledge to be useful. So, of course, in this period of time my father began to understand that I was becoming aware of a calling, a desire to help and assist other people. For hours and hours I would become caught up in conversations whereby I would sit and advise, gently helping people to their own conclusions, and satisfied, I would stand up and leave and allow them to sit with what they had realized. Never did I seek to attain acknowledgement for this; however, the acknowledgement soon came. Because of this and my association with the Royal House, I became called upon to come and to join in some gatherings.

Over a period of time I soon learned to enter into some schooling, some schools of Magi, that were taking those who wished to learn some of the inner arts - arts that were going to develop and strengthen my own natural abilities. These arts included meditation; these arts included yoga; these arts included knowledge of mysteries, knowledge of the stars and the heavens - what you would term astrology. Of course this knowledge allowed me even greater insights into the human condition. So I feasted. I was most thirsty and hungry for knowledge, and indeed some solid and tangible reflections of what I myself had learned.

During that time I became invited into the Court of Council, into the Council of he who was known as Cyrus. Now indeed in that time he was one who was very much a beloved and benevolent man - someone who was eager to encourage the blending and understanding of new ideas along with the old. He was in truth a man with a very big heart. This man was very well aware of his own strengths, and equally understanding of what he needed to learn. When he knew that he didn't understand something very well he would reach out to those who were his advisors and seek their opinions. He would then reflect and measure these against his own heart, not purely in a logical sense but in a sense of knowing that the outcome needed to be in harmony, needed to be not one-sided, but to reach a point of balance. From there, wherever there was balance reached, action would follow smoothly, without difficulty.

During this time I learned in the Council of the Magi, in the Council of the Advisors. I learned by observing. Seldom was my opinion sort, although my reputation had proceeded me. Seldom was I permitted to offer a comment. Seldom did I find opportunities to really stretch myself. I was learning at that time to sit within what I knew, to allow my observations to develop. Had I been permitted perhaps to express too quickly, then I would not have reached the depth of understanding and foundation that supported my future years. So I sat with what I knew. I observed. I understood when something was said that truly engaged many parts of my awareness, from logical intellectual observations, to those that were more heart-aware and centered. I knew when emotionally I was biased, and I knew when indeed another opinion, someone else's perception, needed to be looked at.

In this time of very intense training I learned to listen. I learned to receive and observe and understand. Very soon my own understanding - the fact that I knew an answer, the observation that I knew was correct - didn't matter. It wasn't important. What did matter was that I was able to observe all the aspects of a situation and not get myself caught up in it. Of course I observed some who did, some who sort advancement, some who sort favour, some who really wanted to be the greatest advisor. This of course was always a grand test of ego, a grand test of altruism, and the grand test of understanding what was really wanted.

I spent many hours alone with my own company. I understood that it was better to be true to myself and not join in company that did not support me, rather than allow myself to run ragged emotionally and be provoked. I observed and understood my own degrees of confidence, when it was supported and when indeed I had a sense of losing it. As I grew, I very quickly, however, learned that in my own ability just to be in myself, in my own strength and truth, many opportunities arose that invited me to speak up. Before long, I very much enjoyed the learning that I had. There was learning at the human level as well as the way in which the country itself was advancing and growing in such strategies as war planning, combinations of energies between different cultures, looking at conflicts, and understanding what was required for conciliation or the inevitable battles. Because at that time many cultures were diverging, it was an important period for me. It allowed me to learn to stretch myself and to truly bring open a wondrous sense of what was possible in humanity - that basically, at the heart, all individuals were the same.

During this time, in my early twenty years, I became aware, through astrology, that there was going to be someone born who was very closely related to me. Someone with whom I would be personally involved and for whom I would be responsible. Soon after the period that was indicated through the stars, I set out on a journey to Babylon, and indeed spoke with the woman who had given birth to this child and told her of my observation. I told her that I understood this was a very important and auspicious time. During the height of that summer, in the midst of a very unusual rainstorm, this child had been born and indeed it was seen to be most auspicious. In Persia in the height of a summer if the rains came it was seen as a blessing; it was seen as a cleansing; it was seen as a time of hope, a re-gathering of energies, a respite from the intensity of the heat. Of course I knew this little child was going to have a very important part to play in my life. So in speaking to this mother I agreed that I would return again in a few years and come visit.

When I did, this little girl was sitting looking up at me, and reached her hands out to grasp mine and smiled. So this little child and I made an agreement that when she was at the age of six years I should return again and bring her to my home in the Palace and then begin her teaching. This little girl was called Yasmeen Rasier. Of course her mother, somewhat reluctantly, and yet in awe of the privilege and esteem that would be bestowed, agreed, and would agree to come visit regularly with this child. Of course the grand responsibility I did not shoulder alone. It had been agreed that this child would be brought up as normally as possible, but indeed a great advantage be given to her to learn to grow spiritually. During this time there was much discussion about what she would learn and indeed what the future would hold. Much of this of course is another story, but this journey of learning and living together really allowed me to see that there was a purpose, an understanding.

Around this time I became very quickly aware that I was seeing when people were alive and when they were not. This does not mean to say that they were walking dead but it very much indicated that their light was not burning well, or brightly. I became aware that this indicated that they were holding a shield, a protection, in front of them. Rather than being over-shadowed and taken in by that, I learned to understand and look behind it. As I learned to look behind, what I found there was a reflection of myself. I looked and I saw that everyone around me was very intimately connected with who I was and though I had very gentle protections I learned to let them down. As I did this the greatness of vulnerability was very strong and it took me quite by surprise. So I looked and I learned and I understood that if I was completely open, not only would I be vulnerable to human beings but I would be open to greater spirit. Their spirit and the spirit of all life. This, in turn, sent me inward, took me inward into a time of my own understanding. Within the exploration of myself in my quiet meditations, I learned to reach out far beyond myself, to connect with what was immediately present, as well as all that surrounded this world. I began to see it like a glimmer of light in someone's eye, in the action of their heart, and I began to see when it was not. This, of course, at times, was very disappointing and I saw many opportunities for healing, for love, for prosperity, not come to pass.

Over that period of time, as my confidence grew, I became someone who was known as "an arrogant peacock". This was because I was not afraid. I was not worried about words because I knew they were but words. I was not worried about actions because I could see when these actions were potent or not. I understood that many threats came from fear. I realized in my heart that what I chose to connect with would engage me and become a part of me forever. I chose, therefore, not to engage in discordant behaviour. I chose not to enter into conflict and argument, and yet if I was called upon to advise on such things I was able to see and understand the conflict for its own self and realize what was behind it, what the real need was. In this way I became understanding and fluent in the language of feelings and emotions.

The term "intuition" did not enter into my being. It was something that occurred quite naturally, that was the result of being clear in my observations. My spiritual understanding grew as I came to know and love myself. The more I sort to be at peace with myself the more naturally I reached out to having peaceful relations with others. That meant that even those who would tease would soon find that their words stuck to themselves, and indeed would often seek to come back and realign themselves. In other words, to make their peace.

During this time I learned to use the symbolism of the spiritual energies, and those symbolisms were often that of the Rose. Understanding the use of the Rose was very useful for when I found that words were inadequate, an action, a petal, a bud was very eloquent, and I used that eloquence wherever possible. It allowed me, Dear Ones, to reach out and to travel to many peoples and places.

In my independence I had a very dear horse and indeed this horse was a grand friend whom I understood and he understood me also. Of course this horse was one that, very soon, I was reluctant to ride, not because this horse could not (carry me), but indeed that because I, in essence, really wanted to respect this animal and walk with him. Understanding that journey really allowed a great unfolding, because he became a companion and I was known for walking with him everywhere. A little bit of a joke perhaps, but it was true to my own spirit. I had learned much. I had allowed myself to surrender humbly and I have chosen since that incarnation to come be with you, to come share a path of peacefulness to help you to understand what it is you experience in this world. It is, and always will be, a grand privilege, and I do so because of my beloved Yasmeen. Without her I would not be here, nor would it be possible for me to communicate with you. This is a pact of love, an agreement that will allow life and understanding to prosper.

My Dear Ones, may you find the reflection, the story of your own journey. See its significance, take it into your own heart, and you will know the meaning of your life. In that way may I leave you with much peace.

May you be peaceful in your own hearts.




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