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What is involved in an appointment with Raman?

Personal One to One Consultations with Raman Pascha

What is involved in an appointment with Raman?

You can talk with Raman for an hour either in person at our sanctuary in Governors Bay or via Zoom.

Raman will always begin with an overview of your life currently and the energy he sees you are working with in your life.

He will then invite you to ask the questions you have prepared for that time and begin to help you to see what is really happening in your life, your soul growth and learning and any healing that is needed; by answering with you as a conversation. If ever you do not understand his answers, please question further until you feel what you need to know to be able to continue in your life.

Raman is not a fortune teller. He is a teacher. However he will sometimes indicate how things may turn out if you follow the awareness he connects you with within.

You can ask questions about things you are dealing with in life or simply need to know and understand more.

There are not any subjects you cannot consult Raman about.

He will always guide you towards listening to your Self and what feels right for you. His teachings have always revolved around helping us to listen to what we feel, to know why we feel the way we do and to act in such a ways that we live in growth and healing. This is ultimately very healing and he is such an amazing guide along the way.

He will often begin his overview in such a way that many have told me they felt like he had read their questions before they came to him.

Raman Pascha - the Master Khamouri was a Chief Spiritual advisor or Magi to Cyrus the Great in his last lifetime. The Magi were trained from very young in the arts of life; including healing, astrology and diplomacy to name a few.

I first began my work with Raman in October 1986. I had just turned 26 the month before. It has been a humbling and challenging relationship. On my side! The growth is always important and yet humanly it is not always easy. especially being in a role that many do not understand or prefer to ridicule or diminish in some way. 36 years later (almost!) I am eternally grateful for this unique relationship that has spanned many lifetimes.

It does appear to be an easy process when Raman arrives into my body to talk with you. However I long ago surrendered to this loving presence and allow it to happen as quickly as possible. I am not consciously present when you talk to him. So it is entirely confidential and recorded for you to listen to again.

At the end I offer a Rose Stone and read out the corresponding card (which you may keep), so that my brain can wake up fully again. Which takes about 15 minutes generally.

Raman is known as the Master of the Rose. In ancient Persia and today in the Middle east, the rose is still a symbol of energy, a message of feeling and a gift of insight.

If you would like to consult with Raman, please contact Amanda in our office via email to arrange an appointment or phone 03 329 9479.

I always look forward to supporting you through my work with Raman. Either in his Rose Garden, or in consultation.

This can also happen with me being present and conveying to you Ramans answers, as it is recorded for you.

May the blessings of Spirit always be with you.

Love Yasmeen x


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