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Jonathan Spark

Jonathan Spark is Yasmeen's husband and business partner who has been assisting both Raman and Yasmeen since 1994.

During these years the history and depth of Jonathan's relationship with both Yasmeen and Raman has been revealed, giving a very solid foundation to their partnership, relationship and Jonathan's own work as a Pascha Therapist.

As a Pascha Therapist Jonathan guides and supports others in their growth and learning. He is able to intuitively see into where they are and what they are needing, which creates an acceleration of self awareness. He also has a strongly developed ability as a Healer which, when needed can be used to help others move through the deeper layers of their healing.


Working with youth, couples and individuals, his work holds an integrity because he lives what he guides and teaches.

Jonathan embraces the principle of living a deeply spiritual life in a very human way.

Jonathan's current roles includes Director of Pascha Therapies Ltd, Vice President of the NZAIPT, Teacher of Pascha Therapies Training, Pascha Therapist, founder and builder of both Hello Sunday Cafe and 5th Street Restaurant.


  • One to one support and counselling

  • Relationship counselling

  • Men's and young men's counselling


Other services include:

  • Corporate support, one to one private support with workplace dynamics and stress

  • Open Heart Calm Mind Long weekend retreats supporting men.

  • Spirited Men – Inspired Life gatherings.



To book an appointment with Jonathan please call Pascha on 03 329 9479 Sessions cost $138 and last approximately 1 hour.


"Dear Heart, own your feelings and  be aware of what they are telling you, so that you do not project them onto others."

- Raman Pascha

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