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Raman's Guide for Growth

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

"Your experience of life is gained through the information you take in through your senses. Physical senses give you an accurate interpretation of what your body feels, smell, hears, tastes and sees. This information builds within you an understanding of your interaction with life. This also stimulates inner senses that help you to consciously make decisions on how to use and direct this interaction.

Your response to your life will either draw you inward, away from engagement. Or will invite you outward into further stimulus. When you react physically you will do so with instinct and consciousness that is primarily to ensure survival. Growth, personal and spiritual, occurs when you are willing to feel your inner senses speaking to you. When you identify what you are feeling your inner senses you will feel your needs, desires, emotions and thoughts all working together to make sense of your experience. You learn what works in life through constant interaction, feedback from external experience and senses.

What is right for you beyond this is already known inwardly. From memory, awareness, common sense, need, want and desire. This will consistently point you to clarity and guide your direction in life. The willingness to listen to your Self and respond to yourself and what feels right to you will allow trust to develop. "Dear hearts, always take time to feel. Listen to what your Self always knows is needed. There is an answer to every question you have, within you. The question is the beginning of the answer. Knowingness and action is the result. Giving confidence in Self and trust with life, which allows growth and progress forward.

Your mind will want to know the answer first, even before the question is fully conscious within you. It's desire is safety in dealing with the world. Your Soul, and the way your Soul communicates via feeling, intuition, awareness, is more concerned with fullest integral expression through life. One limits, one is unlimited. When the two come together in balance real joy is felt as you more consciously choose your life free of fear, anxiety and worry.

Embrace what you have entered this lifetime. Feel all that you feel and know that this is evidence of your reality."

"Salaam." Raman


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