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Online Messages from Raman - Archive

Dear Friends,

Your spiritual growth is an energy that your Soul promotes. This means that many of the needs you have for love and companionship are really a need to fill your heart with a sense of peace and love that is unconditional. Everytime you turn toward the Divine you will be held and supported. Love is unlimitedly available for you and all it takes is for you to open your heart and receive. This energy is free from judgements and human criticism. You will be loved when you are having a bad day, not feeling loving of others or making a lot of mistakes. However, when you allow love to enter your heart from the Divine, you will know more of love and be more able to give love, unconditionally yourself. The more you become loving, the more love will hold and support you. The more your life will begin to fill with all that you need and invite you to open more to what you really want. Perhaps it is not easy for you to imagine that love can be so freely accessible. This may be because your human experiences of love have taught you what love is not.

Feel how life surrounds you in beauty and peacefulness as much as it surrounds you in forces of creativity and nature. You will see this beauty and peace much more when love lives within you. This is your relationship with Divine love. This is what you have the power to allow into your heart. This is the source of energy that you most need to live your life with. Come, turn with me toward the love that is real and you will feel your Soul saying, yes! Know that you will always be loved, you always have been and you already are!


Raman Pascha


Dear Hearts,

As your year unfolds remember to listen closely to the voice within you that guides and inspires. The voice of your Soul speaks with great awareness and is often felt as conscience in life. It is also the part of you that knows and remembers what this life is really all about and how to reach the goals that bring a rich spiritual harvest.

Your daily awareness and intuition is a guide through every day experiences. This can help you to know what you feel and why, and how to best respond to bring the greatest outcome possible. This can feel conflicting sometimes when what you feel and what you think are not the same. You may hold onto strong ideas or beliefs about the way things should be or turn out. It can also bring a balance to problems and reveal solutions to guide your choices in life.

What feels right for you will be constant even when other feelings overlay with fear or reaction. What will always be constant within you will be the feeling of energy and peacefulness about your true path in life. When you know this feeling, you can see very quickly how ideas, thoughts and feelings line up and compliment one another to ease your path in life.

Conflict truly only occurs when your mind is trying to be in control and fit you to external conditions against your own inner flow. This happens when you look for acceptance and approval from others while doubting yourself. When in doubt at all, slow down, breathe calmly and open to the feeling that sits just beneath the busyness of your life. It is there you will find your answers. They have always been there and will always guide your steps when you take a moment to listen to yourself. Be open to the new visions that appear before you. Be willing to see yourself as a Soul that is becoming conscious in life. Then know that you can have faith you will be guided and supported every step of the way.


Raman Pascha


Dear Hearts,

When you take conscious steps toward your growth the energy of support becomes necessary. The support of your Self comes through acknowledging what you need and acting with self awareness - self care. Always seek to do this in an open and loving way. Not in retreat or withdrawal. Support from others comes when you know that what you need to receive can offer something that you cannot give directly to yourself.

In being open to receive you will feel vulnerable, yet this is how you allow support. To let others know your need gives others the gift of giving of themselves.

In giving support to others give unconditionally, or you will risk causing harm, creating obligation and mistrust.

Dear One, your heart is the source of the greatest support. Love. The greatest teacher of unconditionality. Allow the fulfilment of your need. Allow Love and you will learn what supports you. True support, supports what is healing or growing within you until you are whole. Ongoing support, supports trust in your development in life.

May you find constant support in the presence of Love and comfort in the presence of the divine.


Raman Pascha


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