Online Messages from Raman - Archive

Dear Friends,

Your spiritual growth is an energy that your Soul promotes. This means that many of the needs you have for love and companionship are really a need to fill your heart with a sense of peace and love that is unconditional. Everytime you turn toward the Divine you will be held and supported. Love is unlimitedly available for you and all it takes is for you to open your heart and receive. This energy is free from judgements and human criticism. You will be loved when you are having a bad day, not feeling loving of others or making a lot of mistakes. However, when you allow love to enter your heart from the Divine, you will know more of love and be more able to give love, unconditionally yourself. The more you become loving, the more love will hold and support you. The more your life will begin to fill with all that you need and invite you to open more to what you really want