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Ask Raman a Question

If you would like to ask Raman a question in the Rose Garden to support you in your life journey please note this is a service especially for Raman's Rose Garden members. $40

Please allow 7 to 10 days for your reply. Though it may sometimes be done immediately, it is arranged around the work with Raman here at Pascha.

If it is an urgent question it will be answered within 24 hours weekdays and will be $80 per question.

If you wish to ask Raman a private question via email, it's then $70 per question. This option is available for all.

Raman lovingly extends an invitation to connect through these cards. You may like to choose a card as an expression of energy to work with for the day. Or you may like help with a specific direction.

As a preview of the cards, we have a few quotes available within the image below.


The intention of this service is to provide guidance in response to the need of the moment. This guidance is about spiritual growth and self empowerment. Self-referral is encouraged.

Approach this exercise with the intention of receiving clarity in order to respond to a particular issue or feeling.

As a preview of the cards, we have a few quotes available within the image below.


Tune into what you feel and to what it is that you wish to gain clarity and guidance about. Be as sure as you can be about what you are feeling.

When you are ready, choose a flower from the image below to click on. One of Raman’s Loving Wisdom Cards will be displayed.

Take the necessary time to allow yourself to follow the guidance and really feel what it has to offer you. It is important to completely engage with your own energy and that of the message. The guidance will ask something of you and will only be as useful as the quality of your engagement with it.

The Loving Wisdom Cards of Raman Pascha the Master Khamouri

Ask Raman a Question

Cost per single question is NZ$70

Thanks for submitting!

Ask Raman a question thumbnail.jpg

Dear friends,

This facility offers you the opportunity to ask Raman a personal question that may support your personal and spiritual growth.

These questions can be of a personal or general nature, but Raman will always answer your questions aligned with your overall well-being and growth.

You may ask Raman about matters of health, relationships, life direction, purpose, career, business development, spiritual support, dreams, intuition, past lives, soul growth. Please keep your question to a short paragraph, the clearer you are in your question, the clearer you will receive Raman’s loving support and answer.

You may not ask Raman about matters that are fortunetelling, predicting, influencing others, finding lost articles or the lotto numbers.
(Believe me all these have been asked at sometime). Raman is a Teacher, therefore he will always be empowering you to listen to yourself and understand what is happening in your life and he will guide you towards this in his answer to you.

Raman is an extraordinarily loving Spiritual Master who holds your heart and your journey with the deepest love, respect and care.
In asking him a question you can be assured you will receive an answer of profound guidance and support, along with this his divine loving presence and energy. His written word is something you can turn to for guidance over and over again.

Please enjoy making use of this service, it is a pleasure to provide Raman’s loving guidance in this way for you.

Ask Raman a Question

  • Once we have received your question you will be sent an email regarding your payment.

  • This is not an instantaneous service, you will receive your answer within 5-10 working days depending on Yasmeen’s schedule and current demands. Please be aware your question may be joining a queue. We will inform you if your question can not be answered within this time.

  • Cost per single question is $70

Ask Raman a Questio
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