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Dear friends of Pascha,
About time we gave you an update.
Yasmeen and I are very well, better than we have ever been.
Feeling very, very happy with having made this very big decision to completely follow our hearts and listen to the call of our souls.

India has been a blessing, so many rich and wonderful experiences confirming our choice.
We have been surprisingly busy, setting up a new home, building a division of our tour operations. Good Vibrations Motorcycle Tours. Running the classes and courses online.
And filming and editing videos for our growing youtube channel.

Find us here: @yasmeenandjono
You may enjoy our adventures if you haven’t watched already.
Here is our latest video were we get exclusive time at the amazing Lake Palace Hotel in Udaipur. We were gifted lunch there as first prize for best dressed foreigners.
Make sure you like and subscribe 😊

Yasmeen is still on her break from private clients, though she is doing requests in Ramans Rose Garden and running the amazing Magi courses with Raman along with the Pascha Training via zoom.

I am making myself available again for private session, for about 4 sessions each week to begin with. I am really looking forward to reconnecting with those of you who enjoy working with me. You can book directly with me or through Amanda who we very gratefully have still working with us part time.

These times will be around 4.30 to 5pm NZ time slots Monday to Thursday.
I am working on an online booking system, but we will do it old school for the time being.
Zoom works very well and you will continue to feel my support and guidance with the clarity you have come to expect.

So if you are looking for some real clarity in your life, to understand your current situation or feeling the need to address what continues to get your attention or hold you back. Send us an email and we will find a time for you.
Much love from India.
Love Jono and Yasmeen


Supporting your Personal and Spiritual Growth

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Personal Growth

Supporting you with feeling based, soul centered, Intuitive Therapy with experienced counselors, Yasmeen Clark and Jonathan Spark.


Pascha - Nourishing Body & Soul is a space of healing, education, support and growth. An education and training center that supports self empowerment through the development of intuition, listening to ones feelings and awakening your Soul's purpose in life.


Spiritual Growth

Pascha - Nourishing Body and Soul hold regular day and evening classes by Raman, Yasmeen and Jonathan to support your own spiritual development and progress. You can attend these classes at Sanara Sanctuary in Governors Bay, or via webinar with Zoom.

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"When you need guidance, pause, feel and ask from the heart.

You will know the answer in the very next moment you inhale."



Raman Pascha

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Sacred Soul Tour - India 2023


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