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Ramans Colour Calendar 2024

Wed 20th December,
7:30pm | Governors Bay

A Wednesday evening event with Raman Pascha - the Master Khamouri

20th December 7:30-9:30pm NZDT

125 Main Road, Governors Bay 8971, New Zealand

This evening Raman will guide you personally to knowing what the new year 2024 will hold for you. He will also guide an understanding of the world as it moves into a new field of energy and how this will both support and impact life on Gaia. Raman will also speak to the personal Astrological information for each Sun Sign. This has been such a beautiful tradition for many years and this evening will be no less powerful and sacred. The light grows stronger in our world and within us. We look forward to your company for this evening in light and colour and love.

In person $38

Via Zoom $32


Supporting your Personal and Spiritual Growth

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Personal Growth

Supporting you with feeling based, soul centered, Intuitive Therapy with experienced counselors, Yasmeen Clark and Jonathan Spark.


Pascha - Nourishing Body & Soul is a space of healing, education, support and growth. An education and training center that supports self empowerment through the development of intuition, listening to ones feelings and awakening your Soul's purpose in life.


Spiritual Growth

Pascha - Nourishing Body and Soul hold regular day and evening classes by Raman, Yasmeen and Jonathan to support your own spiritual development and progress. You can attend these classes at Sanara Sanctuary in Governors Bay, or via webinar with Zoom.

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"When you need guidance, pause, feel and ask from the heart.

You will know the answer in the very next moment you inhale."



Raman Pascha

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