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Dear Friends,

Yasmeen and I are now not far from departing for new adventures. It has been a huge effort and focus to get to this point where we have released ourselves the wonderful life we have created here in New Zealand to be open for our next chapter, chapter 3, or the third cycle as Yasmeen was told.

Many of you have expressed both your happiness for what comes next for us and the sadness of acknowledging this change. But what we hope, is as we share our journey, you will feel inspired with the choices and challenges in your own life to also bring about your own wonderful changes where needed.
Raman said last year that over the next 12 months, the opportunity to leave the matrix is at its highest. How we each perceive this or respond is of course at our choice. Yasmeen and I are following a very strong feeling, an energy and a call that may have unknowns, yet feels so very, very guided. But when we step away from the familiar and the known it can feel very exposing and somewhat vulnerable. Mixed with the most amazing sense of possibility and freedom.
Yasmeen’s teachers and family have called her home to begin the next phase of her service. Having completed the work she had come to do here. We are held and guided by an extraordinary force of love and are being welcomed by soul family. This does make things easier.

We will keep you updated with our journey here through our database and online. Especially on our youtube channel.
We are slowly building our channel again after losing it.
We want to thank the many hands and hearts that have made this transition so much easier, we have felt so loved. To the many messages, cards and words of love and support, thank you.
Once again we also acknowledge our dear Amanda for the most amazing, love and support she has given to us and to you all over the years. Amanda will continue working alongside us as we make our new life for a while yet.

Raman and Ma will be working with Yasmeen closely for the next few months as part of her journey. We will let you know in plenty of time when appointments become available again via zoom. Along with the current Magi course and Pascha Training there will be future courses and a retreat in India planned for later in the year.

Requests in Ramans Rose Garden will resume in late March.
I will be back onboard with clients in a couple of months.

Until then may you all continue to practice listening to yourself, be willing to feel more to heal more and know we are still very much here to support your journey as we all remember the light we are.

For those who are looking for an inner and outer adventure you can join me (Jonathan) riding the high passes and mountains of Ladak early June. These Good Vibration Motorcycle Tours really are trips of a lifetime and our next one will gift you with new perspectives both of the world and yourself. Reach out and if you or someone you know maybe interested in such a transformative journey.

Check on our website for updates.

Love Jonathan, Yasmeen and Raman.


Supporting your Personal and Spiritual Growth

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Personal Growth

Supporting you with feeling based, soul centered, Intuitive Therapy with experienced counselors, Yasmeen Clark and Jonathan Spark.


Pascha - Nourishing Body & Soul is a space of healing, education, support and growth. An education and training center that supports self empowerment through the development of intuition, listening to ones feelings and awakening your Soul's purpose in life.


Spiritual Growth

Pascha - Nourishing Body and Soul hold regular day and evening classes by Raman, Yasmeen and Jonathan to support your own spiritual development and progress. You can attend these classes at Sanara Sanctuary in Governors Bay, or via webinar with Zoom.

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"When you need guidance, pause, feel and ask from the heart.

You will know the answer in the very next moment you inhale."



Raman Pascha

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