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Feeling Meditation for Health and Wellbeing - A Review

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Reviewed by Vic Steffens

Raman's Feeling Meditation for Health and Wellbeing was such a good reminder to turn once again to the place within us that we know so well. Whenever we pause or meditate, we are coming back into ourselves, into contact with the Divine and our own spiritual nature. We are constantly moving, yet a part of us is always present and Raman so beautifully, created a space to remind us of this and of our path.

A feeling meditation is about allowing energy to move and flow and to release and free the energies that are held and carried. To soften the mind and thoughts within and opening ourselves to receive, to be guided, held, nourished and healed. To be in awareness consciously, lovingly, knowingly and to come into balance and harmony with ourselves.

It felt so lovely to be in Raman's presence once again. He brings such a permission to just be with ourselves and to allow that stillness to grow. It was a beautiful meditation, where we were encouraged to feel the deep rest, release and to let Love land where it needs to be.

Love Vic xx

If you wish to have your own copy of this talk by Raman, you can purchase this on our website


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