Summer 2020-2021 Newsletter

Begin Anew with Pascha this Summer!

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Welcome to our Summer Newsletter 2021

Welcome to our Summer program for 2021. We are beginning a new era for our work this New Year with our specially built studios at Sanara Sanctuary on our property at Governors Bay!

We will now support you in a natural environment filled with trees, birdsong and roses and gardens. We are creating a new Ramans Rose Garden and you are welcome to bring a rose to add if you would like to. The whole environment here with a harbour view is very conducive to healing, support and growth. We can offer you things

here in a way that is now possible to allow you time to relax before and after your appointment with Raman, Jonathan and Yasmeen. We are just 15 minutes from the centre of town over the hill, or the Lyttelton tunnel if you prefer. We are feeling very excited about our next chapter and warmly welcome you to join us here. Lockdown showed us that working from this beautiful place was so good for us and our clients on Skype and Zoom. We will have a smaller group room to work from so we plan to limit numbers for Ramans groups to 12 people, with Zoom webinar available to meet your needs. There is parking outside of our property and up Lockie Griffin lane near the Fire Station just along the road from us. We know you will feel relaxed in this special place and gain even more benefit from your experience with us. We have some wonderful things on offer from February including a Conscious Relationships course with Yasmeen & Jonathan, and Healing Your Relationships that Raman is offering. Plus more! Do have a look at our website. We don’t print of newsletters anymore but everything you need to know can be found online. We hope that this special time of the Dawning Aquarian Age is a loving and positive one for you all. May we all continue to feel blessed to live relatively comfortably here in this wonderful country. We look forward to seeing you soon. Amanda will be in her new office to take your calls. We feel blessed to have her with us still after 8 years! Warm Wishes, Yasmeen and Jonathan x

Download a printable version of this season's events here

Classes, Courses and Retreats

Pascha - Nourishing Body and Soul hold regular day and evening classes by Raman, Yasmeen and Jonathan to support your own development and progress. You can attend these classes at Pascha or via webinar with Zoom.


All Wednesday classes have a starting time of 7.30pm in the Pascha room. Enrolment required for all evenings please phone 03 374 2526. 9am-5.30pm Monday-Friday. Eftpos & credit card facilities available.

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The Soulful New World
Feb 03, 7:30 PM
125 Main Road

A Wednesday Evening with Raman Pascha - the Master Khamouri.

Join Raman as he brings his loving support to the clarity we may all need at this time as our lives and world begins to change.

Raman will talk about how the changes are now unfolding in both tangible and energetic form. He explains how this affects us and how to use this energy to create beautiful new things. Changes go in cycles and this particular cycle is very powerful. You may have been feeling this in your own life and now Raman will provide some steps to guide us as we live through these unusual times.

$35. Webinar $29.
(Ramans Public classes are now limited to 12 people in person. We encourage booking early to avoid disappointment. Being with him physically does feel different, though webinar can convey his loving energy really well) RP

Raman's Sacred Intuitive Soul
Feb 10, 7:30 PM
125 Main Road

A 6 month course with Raman Pascha - the Master Khamouri.

Full dates: Wed Feb 10th, Wed March 10th, Wed April 7th, Wed May 5th, Wed June 2nd, Wed June 30th

You are invited to join Raman as he takes you on a journey to a deeper experience of your own Sacred Intuition. With Raman's guidance and support you will learn how to develop a clear trust in your inner voice and knowing. He will help you to follow a path that your Soul has created and bring this to fruition. Your awareness will increase in balance with your heart and inner trust.

Living intuitively, you will feel a calm relaxing state of energy that creates confidence and beauty in your life and relationships. You will complete this course more in alignment with your own sacred life. Living with a lasting trust in your Self and the Universe you will receive wonderful results that assure you of the Universal force of love and abundance.

What will you create with Raman's guiding support?

$520. With early bird paid in full, $468 by February 3rd. Webinar: $442. With early bird $397 paid in full by February 3rd . (Raman's courses are now limited to 12 people in person. We encourage booking early to avoid disappointment. Being with him physically does feel different, though webinar can convey his loving energy really well)

Free Intro Talk - The Pascha Way - Feelings Training Course 2021
Nov 12, 2020, 7:00 PM

A free intro talk with Yasmeen Clark, Principal Teacher and President NZAIPT and Jonathan Spark Head Teacher.

This evening is an opportunity to learn more about the “Pascha Way – Feelings Training” beginning February 2021.

Would you like to be able to trust what feels right to you and know how to express your feelings clearly? Would you like to know what your feelings are telling you and how resolve them with understanding? This course will give you all you need to feel emotionally clear and happy within yourself. Your communications in relationships and ability to be your Self will be supported and empowered.

Join us for more info at this free talk. The prospectus is available with full details of this course at the Pascha office. Please register for this free talk at the Pascha office on 374 2526.

Pascha Therapist Teachers, Current Trainees and Graduates will also be at the evening for you to talk with and ask questions. We look forward to seeing you there. If you have done the training in the past your friends and family are welcome to come along and see what this course could give them.

Raman's Annual Colour Calendar for 2021 MP3

Raman's Annual Colour Calendar for 2021 MP3

Recording now available for purchase!

Join Raman as he guides your Personal Colour Calendar for 2021. This will give you a month by month guide to help you understand your life and growth and what energetically you can expect to happen over the year. This has proven to be a very valuable guide for self-support and referral.

You will also be guided to be creative for the year ahead as Raman gives personal Astrological Soul Guidance to support your wishes and dreams for the year ahead. This always proves to be a wonderful reference over the coming year. As 2021 dawns we begin a year of moving into an energy of rising consciousness, truly a time to connect with each other and heal in the world. Raman will support you to know how to make these transitional steps in your own life and live as consciously as you can.

The Year 2021 is a year of Consciousness where we begin to see ourselves and the connections we all have with each other and the world. Hope and Healing are the Universal themes for collective consciousness. Raman will explain in further detail during the night of what this means for us all.

We look forward to you joining us for another beautiful annual insight and personal empowering information for your new year ahead.