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Autumn 2021 Newsletter

Begin Anew with Pascha this Autumn!

34 Years of Raman's Loving Wisdom

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Welcome to our Summer Newsletter 2021

Welcome to our Autumn Calendar and newsletter for 2021. We have some very special courses and mini workshops on offer to support your conscious spiritual development and healing. The Persian Bhakti Sutras Mini Workshop will offer something beautiful for your heart. Raman will support you to know how to hear your Soul song within your heart. The Magi Path will follow last year’s course The Gift of the Magi. It offer a way of living that is guided by the Magi way in the world.

We are now settled into our Sanara Sanctuary in Governors Bay and enjoying working amongst garden, trees and birdsong. It really is a peaceful place to be and we know our clients are loving this quiet and beautiful pause in their day also. We are available via Zoom or Skype if you can’t make it here. Governors Bay is really only just over the hill and into another beautiful part of our Banks Peninsula! We look forward to seeing you very soon. Check our website for our current program of offerings. You can have these updated from being on our Data Base if you wish. Ramans Rose Garden on FB is growing and becoming a source of guidance, support and loving care. You are welcome to join us there. See you all soon. Love Yasmeen & Jonathan x

Download a printable version of this season's events here

Classes, Courses and Retreats

Pascha - Nourishing Body and Soul hold regular day and evening classes by Raman, Yasmeen and Jonathan to support your own development and progress. You can attend these classes at Pascha or via webinar with Zoom.


All Wednesday classes have a starting time of 7.30pm in the Pascha room. Enrolment required for all evenings please phone 03 374 2526. 9am-5.30pm Monday-Friday. Eftpos & credit card facilities available.

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This Season

14 May, 5:00 pm
Little River

A men's retreat with Jonathan Spark.

Do you want to connect more deeply to yourself?

Deepen your relationship with your intuition and inner knowing?

Develop a calm connection to your heart that supports you to truly be yourself?

This empowering way of living is real and life changing!

You are invited to join Pascha Therapist Jonathan Spark on another of his popular Open Heart Calm Mind Retreats.


These weekend retreats give Men a chance to come together in support, laughter, growth and discovery. This retreat will have a focus of Re-connection and Recharging. You will learn to deepen your connection to yourself and sit more comfortably in an open heart.


Do you often find yourself wanting just to slow down, but not always feeling able to? Together we will explore the patterns that keep us moving fast and often missing what really matters.


You will come away from this retreat clearer about your needs, How to positively support yourself and others and how to communicate from a more heartfelt space. Where your real power lies.

$550 all inclusive.

14 Apr, 7:30 pm

A 6 month course with Raman Pascha - the Master Khamouri.

Full dates: Wed April 14th, Wed May 19th, Wed June 16th, Wed July 14th, Wed August 11th, Wed September 8th.

You are invited to join Raman for a journey that very few take in this life; one that is the Magi Path. Raman will guide each person to develop and grow their own energy, gifts and strengths in the world. Fulfilling purpose and creating a way of living that is truly unique in our world. This course is limited to only 12 people and is best experienced in person, though can be attended via Zoom. 

With Raman walking beside you, you will feel able to take your life further and reach some personal goals your Soul has intended for this life. Living on a Magi Path is one way to achieve this, guided by a Magi of old. This will be another powerful

Magi experience with Raman, who was always a sacred Magi. 

You will receive a weekly message from Raman to guide you through this course and the lessons he teaches. 

This offers as a follow on from the Gift of the Magi course.

$790 or Early Bird $711. Webinar is possible but attending in person is advised for this course where you are able $690.

Raman's Rose Path

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Spiritual Coaching

at it's best!

Receive special discounts and weekly perks in your own personal year of Raman's Loving support.



A mini workshop evening with Raman Pascha - the Master Khamouri

This mini workshop will open your heart further than ever before and teach you how you live in your heart every day. Raman will teach an ancient Persian heart focus that can heal, increase energy and allow spiritual experiences to increase.

This will be a very special evening in Ramans loving energy. Our hearts will expand and support our lives more and

 $60. Webinar $50. RP