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Into the Sacred Retreat

September 25th - 27th 2020

with Raman Pascha at the Sundari Eco Retreat

A sacred retreat with Raman Pascha of meditation, prayer, Aarti and Sacred Fire.

Attendee Testimonial

The drive to Sundari shows off of a part of the Canterbury area that leaves daily life behind and welcomes a sense of calm.

Arriving to the charm of the native forest along with the beautiful garden and the animals entertaining themselves sets the scene for the retreat.

Delicious, nutritious food served with love from the kitchen is always plentiful and presented with care.

Retreats at Sundari are well prepared yet relaxed in delivery. Time allows for deep communication, meditation, nurturing of self, walks, and connections. 

Individuals are encouraged, yet left to self care, included, yet able to have time out.

Soaking in the hot tub soothes the body while sitting around the open fire pit stimulates the senses.

Time with Raman is sacred and special, giving the collective guidance and individuals support with their heart centred feelings.

Without reservation I recommend the retreat experience at Sundari,




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