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Journey of the Soul, Sacred Meditation Retreat

January 8th - 11th 2016 at Sundari Eco Retreat

with Raman Pascha - The Master Khamouri, Supported by Yasmeen Clark and Jonathan Spark

When Raman is present, meditation takes on a sacred energy that grows and expands our consciousness. At this retreat, nature and birdsong accompanied the various practiced meditations to personally support each individual, to deepen their experience of their self as a soul. Participants emerged from this retreat with loving clarity to support their year ahead.

Jonathan Spark's Review

This summer Yasmeen and I got to enjoy running a deep and moving Meditation retreat with Raman at our own Pascha Health and Healing Retreat.

This long weekend was an intense compression of a meditation experience for all those who attended. Intense but so gentle. In Ramans loving way he guided us into the energy, the stillness and the space within and kept us there for the whole weekend. Giving us all a chance to fill up and feel deeply the love and energy of spirit that we are part of. Even meeting us in our sleep and awakening with us in the morning. This journey inward is not without its roadblocks and stumbles as some found, the mind wrestles with not being in control and at times fairly panics with not having to ‘do’ anything. But this is both the challenge and the reward of the meditation journey and practice. It is the practice that keeps this openness and connection to this space of consciousness that is not only our birth right but is also the place of wonder and potential, where all our life’s dreams can grow from.

It was a deep pleasure to share this space with all of you who joined us and the love and care in which you held each other is always humbling. The retreat space itself is such a peaceful and nurturing space, it holds its own magic after all these years of energy and love being put into the property.

But there were a couple of serious highlights outside of our time with Raman.

One being the gift that Aarti Jadu and Matt Coldrick gave us with a live concert of Bhajans from their upcoming album they have been finishing here at the Pascha Health and Healing retreat. My God does this young woman have the most amazing voice and Matt is such a skilled guitarist. A mystical fusion filling or senses.

The other being the food and nourishment we were all held with by Savahna and Baptiste, the Retreat management and yes my daughter. The food was really something else. Made with such love and care it fed us heart and soul and became such an important part of the days experience as we gathered together to share in such divinely created offerings. Thank you, Thank you.

A retreat experience with Raman is something I highly recommend for everyone to experience, here or overseas. It will touch your heart and fill you up and have you building connections of love with all those who join you.

Thank once again Yasmeen for the service of love you bring, it touches all who walk beside you for a moment in time.

Love Jonathan


Attendee Testimonials

Once again, a very big thank you for all you do to bring us such an amazing experience. I have felt such big shifts at your retreats, but always feel loved and held along the way. Thanks to Sav and Bat for the amazing food too - it was delicious and made with such love!

Love Vic xxx

A beautiful learning, giving experience attending this retreat. ESPECIALLY THE FOOD WHICH WAS AMAZEBALLS!!!


Thank you for the opportunity to be myself. Big thanks for the food Sav and Bat. xoxo


May the manifold graces and blessings that radiate from this house and garden infuse those who create them and dispense them with such generosity.

A thousand thank-you's for the countless details of beauty throughout the whole retreat and for the overall offering of abundance. xx

I have received more in these 4 days than I would have expected in 4 years.

Savahna and Baptiste - your food is the most radiant, delicious, nourishing and beautifully presented I have ever encountered - just astounding. It is the greatest gift to be served in such a gracious way - also with the fire hot tub and general ambiance of the place. Much love and many good wishes to you both. xx

-Jane Catherine Severn

Thank you Yas & Jono for this wonderful retreat & Sav & Bat for the delicious food, it was amazing. :) <3


What a wonderful weekend. The hospitality was amazing. It's a credit to you all xxx


A truly blessed experience supported by the most loving and supportive souls. The food was absolutely divine.



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