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Of Life and Death with Raman Pascha

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

From before this incarnation you as a Soul held a wish, a dream a desire for life. An expression to know and allow your energy, to become conscious, even to allow the illusion of separation to define yourself individually.

The spark of light you are was present at conception to set in process a biological process and a sacred process that mimics, expresses and is in harmony with all life itself. Every part of life connected reflecting itself in others and other life forms.

This is what you know as share desire to live. To gain the reflections of self to gain the experiences of self in dance and play with others.

You are a Soul who has far more effect on this avatar of life then you may truly realise.

Life itself, is a sacred process, you can get quickly caught up in the family you are born to, the growth, learning and teaching, that you recall and that you gain.

This process in the growth of life, is a slow dawning awareness of experience that you make a

difference, you do not just leave a shadow or a footprint, but an imprint of the energy that you are.

A life that is lived in a physical sense alone will feel deeply unfulfilling. But a life that is engaging all your senses will give you a personal sense of who you are.

You get a moving living picture of who you are, the shape and form of your Soul in the human material. You are here to live, to be present, to risk feeling, to risk sensation. It is not a world in which you come to measure that it as a good life with no bumps and ups and down. It is a place to know the full dimensional possibility of your energy.

Not just to be an observer on the side-line, not to be non-engaged with life is happening to you, but to be true and engaged to your life. To impress your consciousness on your decisions every moment.

To be fully alive is to learn to understand the experience of living and to use that understanding with greater consciousness, to express yourself and move yourself with as much presence, not only from the neck up, but fully in the body. Every sensation, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

There comes a time where the name you have, the attachment you have to the body becomes superseded by the awareness that this is not all you are.

It is truly to know that your choices, great and small are conscious, chosen by you the Soul. To get the most out of life, to live well is to understand the influence you have to change your life.

If you are living not fully conscious, you are living to the culture and people around you, your choices are chosen by the energies set up around you. This is comfortable, but when life is lived this way, it becomes very desirable to have little rewards and distractions to give you substitutes and things to enjoy.

Life and death is going on right now in your body, just as your breath goes in and out, lights going on and off. Death is part of life. Following the same path as your breath. Life and death is consciousness, and realising this will free you to see how you can influence your life, because you will not be so attached to the body and all you identify with this.

You have access to 4 energies of life:

  1. Physical energy, vibrancy, bend and flex, jump and run, it is about how you live, to remain active.

  2. Emotional energy, emotional energy will flow, or will get caught up and cause tension and anxiety, getting blocked up. It is all dominating; you will have to pay attention to the emotional energy if you are to experience the vitality it holds. Emotional energy connects the physical and spiritual.

  3. Mental Energy is how your Soul focuses, your intention energy, anything you focus on direct, with intention you will influence. Anything you worry, hold onto, projecting into the future, then you won’t be able to access this energy, it is through the presence of your intention is found.

  4. Spiritual Energy: It is through the presence you access your Soul energy and those that support you, guiding you to access this vital energy of why you are here in life.

Not being able to access this energy is death while living, if you can cultivate, develop and choose the upside of this energy, really be present, access and generate energy, you will then have the energy you need for this Avatar. If you care for your emotional energy and well-being, you will not be distracted and be able to enjoy all the sources of energy to be felt in this life.

If you can reach a place of calm in the mind and become aware of yourself, watch witness and consciously become aware of yourself, you will live and live well.

If you permit the nature of your soul, explore the energy and source of your soul you will really live.

Having this energy will mean you will live, and your goals for life will alter, you will feel it like a

current of energy flowing through you, it can be quite miraculous in what it will do. You can feel young, and look younger, you will have vibrancy and presence of energy and you will feel enriched by living, even though you know that in living you are dying. You will honour the sacred of this process. You will understand what you gain and what is given, you will understand what you have to contribute. You are here to leave things a little different to when you came.

Each generation through life, alters the consciousness. You are all doing this together. Humanity is in its nature always good.

Suffering is losing life, losing the life force and when you lose it you act out and become violent, it is not your nature, it is not who you are, your nature is create, to give birth to, to improve in the continuum of life itself. Where life unfolds it is also folding down, life being born and life ending.

When you are living and you live well and consciously, you begin to listen to the energies that guide life.

You will know when you are doing this as you will switch off from mind-based communications and artificial things.

If you are listening to yourself and your heart, paying attention to these 4 energies levels, means you will live well, and you will die well.

The death process itself is a surrender, a letting go.

If you are a soul who holds stress or tension, living life purely from the mind, to gain control

believing that this is it and nothing else exists, an energy takes over and tends to make letting go a very challenging experience.

The end of this life is very much about removing the clothes you have been wearing and returning home. If you are tense, deny your soul and seek to control, you make the living and death process very difficult.

You all have the same capacity, but you are not all in the same state of vibration or consciousness.

You all have an idea about life, until life gets real and asks for your energy.

In the experience of death, you will experience a drawing up of life, some of this is you, a building up of energy. You will leave the body, but remain connected, just outside your body. And if you have remained connected to spirit you will take to it like a duck to water. You will want to reassure those present and engage in the love.

Sometimes in that moment you will feel a great drawing away, into a light of consciousness and you will receive such a bliss, nothing you have known or felt in the incarnation will compare.

In the moment some of these who have gone before you will be there, guides and teachers, you will feel their love. It will console you and support the shedding of the body. It will feel as natural as your breath, without pain or discomfort.

In sudden death, you will leave before that moment, you witness the accident or the act that brings this.

So, feel this spark, this desire to live and experience yourself in this world. Know this consciousness that inhabits this avatar, calm your mind and feel how you are a part of the living and dying process that is life, in every moment.

Raman Pascha

© Copyright Pascha Therapies


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