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Sacred Soul Tour - India 2023

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

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Day 1 - Can Delhi be peaceful?The madness, magic and surprising peace of Dehli.

Join us as we explore the old city, merge with a major birthday party and experience peace within it all. 28/11/23


Day 2 - Train rides and truck stops. Rishikesh you elevate us.

Train rides and truck stops, we head to the foot hills of the Himalayas and the Sacred riverside city of Rishikesh.

We hope you are enjoying the journey, feel free to comment on the YouTube link.

Love from India 29/11/23


Day 3 - Neelkanth, is it as powerful as they say?

Dear friends, join us on day 3 in Rishikesh, the powerful Neelkanth temple, overlooking the village of silence. A personal roof top lunch, time with Raman. In between, love laughter and tears. Love Yasmeen and Jono 30/11/23


Day 4 - Into Shiva Land. Anandlok Retreat is this really the abode of happiness?

Super slow wifi here in Shiva Land, but super high energy thats elevating us into love and happiness. Warning, some hot bods go for a swim!

Don't let it distract you from the love that is flowing like the Ganga.

Love Jono and Yasmeen. 1/12/23


Day 5 and 6 - Smile and you are happy and the door to the Divine opens.

We begin with laughter and end with love. Deep spiritual connection in Anandlok with one of the staff coming for Yasmeen and Ramans blessing.

Returning to Haridwar we have very sacred time at Anandamayima's ashram. Exploring the colorful and chaotic Haridwar. Thank you for all the wonderful feedback. It's exciting to watch our channel grow.

Love Yasmeen and Jono 3/12/23


Day 7 - Varanasi Beckons. But will we all make it?

Jogi - This man is an absolute gift, a friend, guide, deeply loyal to Yasmeen, loving and with a wicked sense of humor. In the latest episode he helps us navigate Buses, Trains, Planes, more buses and Tuk Tuks, plus an emergency thrown in.

Jageshwar, we love you. 4/12/23


Day 8 - Varanasi you enchant us. Should we bath here?

A truly magical and full day, celebrating with arti, sacred temples and even a little drama in the street. Although challenging to all your senses. Varanasi is so deserving of being a loved city. 5/12/23


Day 9 - Sarnath Gardens- In the company of a Master.

Departing Varanasi we move onto Sarnath Gardens where Lord Bhudda gave his first teaching to 5 disciples. We gather with a spiritual Master in these peace filled high energy Gardens and are blessed with loving wisdom from another time. 6/12/23


Day 11 - Under the Bhodi Tree Bhod Gaya.

The blessings and beauty of the Mahabhodi Temple Bhod Gaya. The place of Lord Bhudda's enlightenment. This electrifying place of deep peace and presence. Jogi takes charge of a crowd and move Royalty along. The Bhodi Tree is something to behold.


(This blog is still being updated)



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