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The Pascha Way Course History

The Pascha Therapy Training Course begun in February 2004 by Yasmeen Clark and assisted by her husband Jonathan Spark. This was motivated by a strong desire to support and empower people in their emotional well being. Yasmeen has over twenty four years experience supporting people from an intuitive perspective. She draws from her own personal growth and spiritual perception developed over her life as an intuitive person. Yasmeen draws from a foundation of deep personal, professional and spiritual knowledge in her guidance and teaching of these classes. Her unique life gives her deep experience and insight into spiritual and human learning and growth. Her intuitive and spiritual abilities have been conscious since birth. Yasmeen teaches from the knowledge gained through her relationship with Raman Pascha, her spiritual teacher and mentor, and her own intuitive experience of life. Jonathan has been working, assisting and training along side Yasmeen and Raman since 1994. During this time he has learned intimately the path of an Intuitive Therapist and brings personal experience to support and assist the growth and learning of trainees.

In 1995 the business Intuitive Therapies Ltd. was formed as the foundation of a growing client base and development environment, supporting the personal and spiritual well being of many people. In 2007 they established the Pascha centre and rebranded the training and business to Pascha Therapy and Pascha Therapies Limited. The Pascha centre is the education and training centre for Pascha Therapies Ltd. and the New Zealand Association of Intuitive and Pascha Therapists, providing a purpose designed environment for the support of clients and trainees. We have two group training rooms and eight consultation rooms set in a peaceful and calm environment in the midst of the central city.

There are two websites dedicated to providing information and support. and These two websites are growing all the time to continue giving ongoing access to areas of personal growth and support. It is our intention to continue to support the personal and spiritual well being of people by providing information and practical guidelines for those who are seeking to know themselves more fully in the world. When we listen to ourselves, we will hear and feel the voice of our soul and the reason for our being. Yasmeen and Jonathan



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