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The Soul Power Of Empathy - A Review

Reviewed by Jonathan Spark

One of the greatest gifts Raman brings in his teachings is turning the simple into the profound. In his most recent public class Raman revealed the deep importance of empathy and how it holds the power to make a difference to all that you feel concerned and impacted by.

Empathy is the souls gift to you in this life, giving you the ability to take everything that you feel and turn it into something beautiful. Empathy increases your awareness, not to absorb the engagements or distresses of life but to help you to understand.

Too often our world and others suffer because people disengage from this ability, from their empathy, afraid of what it may ask of them. Raman reassures that empathy empowers because empathy alters everything. When others suffer, they don’t always know where to turn, when you empathize, you lend your energy and this boosts theirs, without costing you.

Raman also went onto share how humanity has struggled to care beyond the individuals comfort, yet that which you aspire toward spiritually requires you to go beyond into the wide open. In doing so you then discover how to access all that is needed. This is going beyond the comfort of the individual and opening to empathizing for all, which is what the world needs so very much now.

This recording will be supportive to all who have felt their empathy awaken and perhaps feel like it has cost them.

You will find in Raman’s clear delivery of this most important message a deepening to what is naturally within you, empowering you to act from this place even more.

If you wish to have your own copy of this talk by Raman, you can purchase this on our website

Love Jonathan


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