A Thousand Ways to Kiss Your Face - Poems to Love

Drawing from his time in the company of his own teachers and the moments of contemplation and connection with the sacred and divine. Jonathan's poetry speaks of a universal force which we are all part of. With insights on the journey toward the self that only come from living a spiritual life in a very human way.

Jonathan's words have a way of reaching into the intimate places of our self and soul, allowing the reader to feel their own connection to their version of the divine within.


Jonathan Spark is a talented poet and spiritual teacher who has been supporting others as a Pascha Therapist for the past 25 years.

A Thousand Ways to Kiss Your Face - Poems to Love

  • "Jonathan's poems feel like reminders of an ancient wisdom that that we have all but forgotten.
    Looking out upon the seascapes that accompany these sometimes wistful yearnings the reader gets transported for a moment into another world, another time. The words ripple like the water upon the ocean and one feels cleansed by the timeless nature of them and quiet within."
    - Paula

    "….if you take the time not only to read Jonos written word but to digest & feel their meaning you can’t help but feel happy and embraced with love from within" - Jason

    "Jonathan’s heart centred poetry, so full of grace and beauty, offers an invitation to dance with the Divine and connect with the magic of life and nature. A beautiful gift of love and light. Xx " - Janine

    "Jonathans poetry is a beautiful pathway into the heart and into love. Each poem a reminder of that sacred space within ourselves and within this life. His love shines through his words taking the reader on a journey deeper into the love, joy and beauty of our human and spiritual lives." - Solomon

    "Jonathan has an incredible way with words. He pulls words from his heart into beautiful poems. He has the ability to transform a moment into a vision with his words and they always reach you just at that moment you need to hear them." - Erin

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