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A World of Light MP3

A World of Light [Summer 2022]

You are invited to join Raman as he supports our next steps into the Age of Light and the World of Light we are now beginning to know for ourselves every day. The Age of Light has been spoken of in many different ways and now Raman will guide our way into living in a time of light that supports our consciousness and dissolves the fear of darkness. We came to bring light to this world and to live in ways that light our path forward. Those who follow will know the light through our choices and actions. This may be a very personal evening for you as Raman speaks directly to our heart and Soul. Awakening remembrance of all we are and know. A truly sacred evening in his loving care.



A World of Light Review
Reviewed by Jonathan Spark

Dear Friends,

Raman’s most recent class A World of Light, was the most uplifting and hope filled class. We were given an experience of the energy that is increasingly entering our planet and our consciousness. This light is impacting upon everything, it is a new vibration of light and it will have the effect of lifting life. It is stimulating your consciousness, to help you learn how to use your receptivity and vulnerability in a new way.

This light may have you perceiving things of other worlds, of those just beyond the human physical plane more and more. This light is burning away the old consciousness and for those who see and feel the light a real leap in consciousness is about to happen. This is the result of the continual energy entering our planet.

Raman is a light Master and in his word’s, he brings energy that gets deep inside your heart. Helping you to remember the light and the love you come from and are here to live from.

For to long we have been taught that the world is here for you, nature is here for you animals are here for you. In this class Raman explodes this story to help us see what will occur when, because of this light we will utterly know the interconnection of everything with the All and it will seem an abomination to those who live from the light to plunder, use or hoard as this will be seen as unthinkable as there is no life in that behaviour.


This class will support you so beautifully. There were some very interesting questions asked which you will also get to enjoy with this recording, regarding our current times.

Naturally, I highly recommend this recording as you will feel Raman’s guidance touch the part of you who is light and recognises this deep spiritual truth.

Please email Amanda for your personal recording or purchase directly online.

Love Jonathan



A World of Light MP3

  • For over 2 millennia this elightened Master has continued to find ways to offer invaluable insights and guidance into the human experience. The magnectic presence, power and compassion that one experiences in the channelled presence of Raman Pascha is truly ineffable and must be experienced. A profound shift will occur in your sense of what is possible. You’ll awaken to the power of the divine more clearly in your life. Come and experience Raman’s loving wisdom and attention on your life.


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