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Being a Sensitive MP3

Being a Sensitive [Winter 2018]

In this special evening Raman will explain how the new energy consciousness needs those who are sensitive to understand how to change the world into a place of balance and healing for all life. He also knows however that being sensitive is not easy when you do not know how to use this energy and allow it to become an ability. Being sensitive is the most important thing we can cultivate and develop. When done with awareness it becomes a pure advantage over the slower mental processes. You will enjoy this evening with Raman as he prescribes practices to both support and develop your sensitivities.



Being a Sensitive MP3

  • For over 2 millennia this elightened Master has continued to find ways to offer invaluable insights and guidance into the human experience. The magnectic presence, power and compassion that one experiences in the channelled presence of Raman Pascha is truly ineffable and must be experienced. A profound shift will occur in your sense of what is possible. You’ll awaken to the power of the divine more clearly in your life. Come and experience Raman’s loving wisdom and attention on your life.


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