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Healing Your Grief MP3

Healing Your Grief [Autumn 2020]

You are warmly invited to join Raman for one of his deeply moving talks on the ways we can heal grief and release past hurt and pain. Our lives are not always easy and there can be many forms of loss we can experience. This evening with Raman will give you the tools to move forward free of those thoughts and feelings that cause us great distress. Healing comes when we can care for this pain and understand its deeper meaning to our heart and soul. We look forward to sharing this special evening with you.



Healing Your Grief Review By Vic

Raman’s Healing Your Grief was such a relevant evening as he encompassed all types of grief, including that around change. So much of the human life experience can become challenged because we expect that it remains the same. And this is not possible. Life is moving and evolving and in order for us to grow and renew, we need to recognise the invitation to adjust and to trust in life.
The energy to navigate grief, loss and change, is love. Love itself invites the acceptance of what is and love will also invite surrender to the processes of life. When there is grief around the loss of loved one, we will remember that the love of that Soul lives on within us and that we have been left with something very precious. So healing our grief is very much about attending to the grief itself and absolutely noticing what remains, because what was lost will still be there. And it has changed but it it is still us and still part of us.
In our world currently, we are forced to pause, rest and to accept that the lives we have known is not happening. Yet, it is also an opportunity to review, observe and realise a greater clarity of what matters. When we relax, we are more able to connect to the information that we are all part of that is guiding us. This evening was a great reminder that we are not alone. We have the support of Raman, each other and Love itself to connect us all.


Love Vic x

Healing Your Grief MP3

  • For over 2 millennia this elightened Master has continued to find ways to offer invaluable insights and guidance into the human experience. The magnectic presence, power and compassion that one experiences in the channelled presence of Raman Pascha is truly ineffable and must be experienced. A profound shift will occur in your sense of what is possible. You’ll awaken to the power of the divine more clearly in your life. Come and experience Raman’s loving wisdom and attention on your life.


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