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Insight Meditation MP3

Insight Meditation [Autumn 2015]

join Raman as he guides you into a deep inner space where you will gain insight and answers for your life. With practice this becomes a very effective way of understanding your experiences in life. Raman will show you how to develop inner clarity and vision to create with and enjoy, a very special on-going energy to carry within you.




Insight Meditation
Reviewed by Amanda
"Dear Friends,
Last Wednesday we had Raman’s Insight Meditation and what an extraordinary guided meditation this was. It is always a powerful connection having Raman guide you through a meditation but personally for myself this Meditation was a very special one and had a particular clear energy and one I would recommend to all.
Raman guided us into a deep peaceful inner space where we could gain insight, awareness and answers for our life. I found this very re-assuring and with practice how easy this can become as a daily practice. Raman said “the answers you want lies in deep surrender to the feeling and the energy”.
Raman quoted “The inexhaustible draw inward towards yourself and towards your Soul. It is a well spring, a place of love, connection and union within. You are so much more than you see, so much more than you can touch. It is a reflection of the infinite source you are connected too. You know yourself spiritually, it invites the inward journey”
Raman also explained the barriers between sitting with yourself can seem greater than the rewards, until you give yourself permission to go there.
The Recording costs $10 and I highly recommend to everyone, beginner or experienced with Meditation. I left the evening feeling relaxed and in total bliss and excited to know I can go to this place anytime and know the support of myself and connection within is always there."
Love Amanda

Insight Meditation MP3

  • For over 2 millennia this elightened Master has continued to find ways to offer invaluable insights and guidance into the human experience. The magnectic presence, power and compassion that one experiences in the channelled presence of Raman Pascha is truly ineffable and must be experienced. A profound shift will occur in your sense of what is possible. You’ll awaken to the power of the divine more clearly in your life. Come and experience Raman’s loving wisdom and attention on your life.


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