Raman's Loving Wisdom Cards

Raman lovingly extends an invitation to connect through these cards. You may like to choose a card as an expression of energy to work with for the day. Or you may like help with a specific direction.



Raman's Loving Wisdom Cards

  • Raman Pascha is an enlightened Persian Spiritual Master, who has been communicating through Yasmeen Clark since 1986. His teaching is focused in guiding humanity toward self-empowerment; through understanding the power of our feelings and listening to our intuitive inner voice. He encourages us to embrace our humanness and see the divine in all life. This allows us to accept change as a part of the eternal movement of life.
    Draw upon Raman's words of guidance and support when you need to find an answer to a problem. As you read Raman's words of guidance you will feel his support with you. His answer will give you a spiritual perspective to your life and growth.

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