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Ramans Light Meditation MP3

Ramans Light Meditation [Winter 2022]

You are warmly invited to join Raman for a special Light Meditation.
In this evening you will experience the Light within you and the light you are an eternal part of. Raman will guide this meditation to allow you to open as fully as possible to the beautiful healing effects of the Light and also the consciousness that Light brings. With this light will come also Beings of Light to join us.



Ramans Light Meditation - Review by Vic

Raman's Light Meditation was a beautiful evening, full of love, light and opportunity to receive. Light is the messenger of consciousness at this time and it stimulates that which is divine within us. When we are sitting in the light that we are, there is nothing we need to dim down, shade in any way, but to glow brightly. As our own light emerges, it will reflect that which is still in the dark/past. Contrasts in our own life, country, world; nothing can remain hidden in light. Everything becomes revealed and known. The way of light is to understand the necessity for the contrast, so that we know fully and clearly the choice we are making day after day.


Light consciousness and light meditation is an entry into the part of us who knows, is awake and aware. It will give us an opportunity to respond to the divine, to connect even deeper and to receive. So much of this will be a choice. If we are willing to heal, light will fill us. It will guide and teach us, it will meet and hold us. We will be loved.


So to check in with light regularly, is to remind ourselves of what is occurring within us. It is time to use our conscious consciously. To direct our awareness, to use the light we are part of. To let that light fall upon the question, to see the answer. Light is where we came from, light is where we go, light is who we are.


Love Vic xx

Ramans Light Meditation MP3

  • For over 2 millennia this elightened Master has continued to find ways to offer invaluable insights and guidance into the human experience. The magnectic presence, power and compassion that one experiences in the channelled presence of Raman Pascha is truly ineffable and must be experienced. A profound shift will occur in your sense of what is possible. You’ll awaken to the power of the divine more clearly in your life. Come and experience Raman’s loving wisdom and attention on your life.


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