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Beginning of a New Era for Our Work!

Welcome to our Summer program for 2021.

We are beginning a new era for our work this New Year with our specially built studios at Sanara Sanctuary on our property at Governors Bay!

We will now support you in a natural environment filled with trees, birdsong and roses and gardens. We are creating a new Ramans Rose Garden and you are welcome to bring a rose to add if you would like to. The whole environment here with a harbor view is very conducive to healing, support and growth. We can offer you things here in a way that is now possible to allow you time to relax before and after your appointment with Raman, Jonathan and Yasmeen.

We are just 15 minutes from the center of town over the hill, or the Lyttelton tunnel if you prefer. We are feeling very excited about our next chapter and warmly welcome you to join us here. Lockdown showed us that working from this beautiful place was so good for us and our clients on Skype and Zoom. We will have a smaller group room to work from so we plan to limit numbers for Raman's groups to 12 people, with Zoom webinar available to meet your needs. There is parking outside of our property and up Lackie Griffin Rise near the Fire Station just along the road from us. We know you will feel relaxed in this special place and gain even more benefit from your experience with us. We have some wonderful things on offer from February including a Conscious Relationships course with Yasmeen & Jonathan, and Healing Your Relationships that Raman is offering. Plus more! Do have a look at our website - We don’t print off newsletters anymore but everything you need to know can be found online, you can even book your preferred course with Raman. And a printable version of the events is available too. .

We hope that this special time of the Dawning Aquarian Age is a loving and positive one for you all. May we all continue to feel blessed to live relatively comfortably here in this wonderful country. We look forward to seeing you soon. Amanda will be in her new office to take your calls. We feel blessed to have her with us still after 8 years! Our office Phone line is currently disconnected at the moment so any inquiries please email or Phone 027 634 5092.

Warm Wishes, Yasmeen and Jonathan x


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