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Update on Current Changes

Dear Friends,

An exciting new chapter is about to begin in our lives! We have sold our beloved café Hello Sunday and are moving our business to our home base in the beautiful Governors Bay. Just 10 mins over the hill.

This has been an amazing journey here at 6 Elgin Street the past 8 years, where we discovered what it was like to restore a 140 year old building and receive an award for it. Build an award winning café and then an award winning restaurant.

We are stepping away completely from hospitality for now and focusing all our energy on Pascha Therapies and Sundari Eco Retreat. Part of a change that has been in process for about 3 years.

We will remain here at 6 Elgin Street until Christmas.

Our new purpose built premises will be known as Sanara Sanctuary.

You can look forward to a very peaceful and nurturing environment, surrounded by birds, bush and sea, where we will hold our private sessions and small groups supporting your personal and spiritual growth.

Hello Sunday is being handed over to a young and enthusiastic couple, Jamie and Ashleigh who have plans for the old church also.

We are very much looking forward to this change, our new environment suits our work more and we know you will love it.

We want to thank the many people who helped us to restore the old church and we hope you will have many happy memories of the events, concerts and classes we have held here.

We want to thank our wonderful and loyal staff at Hello Sunday and 5th Street, we have loved walking this journey with you. A special thank you to Chris our magnificent business partner, let’s leave it a couple of years before we do it again .

Vic, you have been a star supporting the administration of the business and Amanda, thank you for your loving commitment and service for the past 8 years, you truly are an angel. I am building your own special office to carry on being the voice and face of Pascha Therapies.

This change will mean you will be receiving more, not less support from us as our lives free up to do what we are best at.


On that note. Check out these latest uploads to our Youtube Channel:

Book your place on a 4 day retreat with Raman in January:

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