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Latest News from Pascha - June Update


Dear Friends, Well, life has continued to surprise us and delight us. Since moving our business away form the city and into Sanara Sanctuary, we have been enjoying a much greater sense of balance and peace. These were things that motivated the changes in our life over 3 years ago when we held the most beautiful and peaceful retreat in Ubud Bali. Sometimes Sanara feels like a small piece of that.

But as the Universe tends to do, opportunities quickly appeared in the spaces made.

Along with running more retreats and taking Raman up to Auckland (or does he take us?), we found ourselves back in the company of our dear friend Franko Heke and reconnecting to a dream we shared many years ago in Bali. Long story short Yasmeen and I are now the co-Partners of NZ Spirit South Island, which we are delighted to announce will be held over 4 days and 3 nights in the beautiful Orton Bradley Park on the Banks Peninsula.

NZ SPIRIT has quickly become one of the largest festivals of it’s kind in New Zealand and the South Island venture will equal the North Island event in its dynamic, energy and size. We are really happy to be part of this and creating an opportunity to help showcase the incredible talent of musicians, teachers, Yogi’s, workshop leaders and healers our country has.

This will be an amazing family friendly drug and alcohol free, zero waste experience that we are proud to be co-hosting. It will be a chance for you to gather, share, learn and give in a growing community of spiritual consciousness. I kind of see it like building a restaurant... with a sleep over... and a bit bigger.


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