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Choosing Grace with Raman Pascha - A Review

Reviewed by Victoria Steffens

Raman’s ‘Choosing Grace’ couldn’t have come at a better time, when we are being stimulated with so much information like never before. This is inviting us to check reality but also not to react. To have enough of ourselves and our own heart to move forward from this place.

The least resistance there is within us, the more easily we will know how to respond and in choosing Grace, we will “flow because we know”. The energy of Grace allows love; the love that creates life. So when we choose Grace, we are choosing a perspective, a place within ourselves that connect with all existence. It is wise to understand that forces greater than us are in motion and the least resistance there is within us, the more easily we can begin to understand what is occurring and how to respond.

We have come to learn more about who we are, the energy we bring and the light we are able to hold. And when we surrender to Grace and choose light, we are supporting an energy that is far greater and more powerful than we could ever imagine. Light reveals the truth so our best approach is to choose Grace and the light within. Cultivate consciousness, unite together and choose the energy we are going to engage our consciousness in. This is our absolute power.

This recording is available on dropbox or CD. To purchase your copy please contact Amanda on 03 3742526 or

Love Vic xx


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