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Healing Your Abundance - A Review

Reviewed by Vic Steffens

Raman's Healing Your Abundance class was a really powerful evening, as he encouraged us to remember again that there is a flow of life within us and around us at all times, and we are very much a participant in it all. From the moment we take our first breath, life is there for us. And it continues unconditionally, to invite us day after day to engage with it.

We need to look at what inhibits our flow of abundance. The messages we received early in life have a huge influence over our sense of abundance and how worthy we might feel to receive it. When we hold tight through fear and worry, we will not be open for the universe to effortlessly give what is needed. We need to relax, open, let go and make space for what it is we want to be there. In connecting with the true energy of abundance, it can make us very clear on our needs, so we don't get caught up in the wants that are never going to fulfill us because it is not what we truly needed.

I can't recommend this recording enough. The feeling and connection Raman got us in touch with is still very strong within me. It has left a feeling of empowerment over the choices we can make, so we don't give away the feeling of abundance over to what we never really needed. Such a good class!!! This recording is now available for purchase.

Love Vic xx


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