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The Soul Speaks - A Review

Reviewed by Victoria Steffens

"The Soul Speaks" was another truly beautiful evening from Raman, as he guided us towards what we have known, felt and forgotten. Every moment of every day our soul is seeking to speak to us and it is through this we can receive guidance from our guides and the Divine. Our soul is speaking to us in a language that doesn't use words and it is communicating constantly. It is an energetic language and our entire body, down to our very cells, knows and understands it. It is a powerful language, full of influence, essence and communication.

This is a language of love, heart and when practised, becomes so clear and calm. This entire process is an absolute knowing that ripples through our entire being and because it speaks to our whole, every part of us starts to relax. We will experience it completely; head to toe.

Everything around us speaks in a spiritual language and many are now beginning to wake up and remember. It really is the remedy not just to us and our lives, but to solving, resolving and responding to the very needs of humanity. Our ability to know and experience ourselves are expanding, so it is asking us to make peace with our own energy and whom we really are.

Love Vic xx

If you wish to have your own copy of this talk by Raman, you can purchase this on our website


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