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Healing for Life - A Review

Healing for Life –With Raman Pascha

This workshop class with Raman, was a space where he delivered a clear and powerful way to have energy, learn about moving on from conflict, pain and trauma and lead to a life that can be full of balance, energy and love.

Raman teaches in his loving, and humorous way how our body knows how to heal and how when we become conscious of this process, we discover vital keys to our well-being. Raman shows how we can direct our consciousness in such a way that our very cells listen and respond.

The self healing process Raman guides will support your body and soul and is one you can turn to again and again.

Later in the class he answers a question that many carry around about soul mates, twin flames and Raman’s new version the Soul Magi.

You will find this lesson and the process Raman teaches truly invaluable and it will make a very big difference to your life.


If you wish to have your own copy of this talk by Raman, you can purchase this on our website:


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