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Inner and Outer Life Balance - A Review

Reviewed by Vic Steffans

Life balance is something that affects us all. When we feel there needs to be a compromise to get that balance, or it is something we grasp and hold on to tightly, then we are taking a mental approach. Raman invites us to consider another approach; an energetic point of balance that exists within us, rather than in the things around us. We are that measurement. There is an energy inside of us that knows. The point of balance is within us all and when we are at that place, life will meet us there. It will move, as energy does, and we need to have a willingness to adjust to this. When we feel we are out of balance we need to recognise our responses and get to know what fuels this energy that gives us our sense of balance, rather than feel we have done something wrong. Stay in touch with that feeling of balance and don't fall into the mental projection. As an interesting aside, a question asked lead to a fascinating explanation as to how our spoken words leave an energetic imprint behind, reminding us all how important it is to take care of the words we speak (and our thoughts), as they do take form. This was yet another magical evening in the company of Raman where he got us in touch with the constant inside of us who has always known, who just needed reminding. This recording is available for purchase here: Love Vic xx


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