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Conscious Awakening with Raman Pascha - A Review

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Reviewed by Victoria Steffens

The timing for Raman’s message on “Conscious Awakening” could not have been better. At a time with so much fear, anxiety and uncertainty, Raman held a space of calm within the storm, which allowed us to return to the space of calm within ourselves. To be reminded of the love that we are connected to, that holds and supports us and that nurtures and sustains life.

There is a part within each and every one of us who knows this love and who know it holds an energy, power and strength that will always make the difference. And we are encouraged now more than ever, to become consciously awake of this energy within ourselves. To realise that the part of us who knows the truth, is the part that is of love. To consciously awaken right now is to consciously choose the energy we are living from.

We are part of this life together and we influence each other with every smile and kind word. And this reflection of love reminds us of where we are from and where to return to. Being present in love; this is our power and our truth. Let this lens of love guide us, heal us and remind us of what is real and what matters. So it is time to stand in our hearts, stand in the energy of love and make a choice.

This is essential listening for anyone concerned by or feeling the impact of the current Covid 19 crisis and all the information and misinformation that is hurtling around the internet. Raman gives very clear guidance on how to support yourself. Clarifies some of the dis information and talks a little of what is yet to come. But most of all engages in an energy of love which is here to help us navigate this time.

Recording is now available for purchase here:


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