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Conscious Sexuality in the New World with Raman Pascha - A Review

Reviewed by Victoria Steffens

As I review my notes, I realise just what an invitation Raman's Conscious Sexuality in the New World truly was. There are so many ideas, controls and conditions around sexuality in our culture, that it can often leave us feeling inadequate and at odds. Raman invited us to feel that it could be different, so much more and in fact an essential part of who we are. We need to begin to become conscious of ourselves as sexual beings and realise that this flow of energy has always been with us. This is a power we can direct to our health, to the goals we have and to the things we want to create. It is about coming into a conscious appreciation of what is possible within that power. If we are wounded or afraid, we need to go close to the hurt and pain to discover that love is there also. This evening was for everyone; partnered, single, wounded or confident in your sexuality. If you are at all considering Raman's Conscious Sexuality course beginning later on this month, or if you simply want to become more aware of the creative flow of life, I really do recommend listening to this talk. It is a great introduction to how things can be, how things are supposed to be and how we have been robbed. Like so many other things Raman has been talking about lately; it is our birthright, it is infinitely available to us all and the time to reclaim it is now.

Love Vic xx


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