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Creating a Peaceful Mind & Soul with Raman Pascha - A Review

Reviewed by Victoria Steffens

Raman's Creating a Peaceful Mind and Soul was a very informative and powerful evening. Raman talked about mental illness in such a supportive and loving way, it was a refreshing change to how it can often be explained and perceived in this sharp and clinical world. The focus was largely on depression and anxiety, but there was information given on bipolar and schizophrenia also. He took us through the process of how we may turn unresolved and not understood energy inward, into ourselves. From there, what inevitably occurs is a replaying of the event, thoughts projecting, fears and emotional distress. All of our energy gets caught up in containing and enduring the wound, which diminishes the resources that are there for healing. Societal and self pressure will also cause us to feel that we should keep going, at all cost. So what can we do? We cannot avoid ourselves, how we feel; who we are. We can release the pressure, pause and listen. It is in this pause we have greater awareness of what to do and how we feel. We need to honour this, as nothing can replace our love and attention.

If you suffer from depression or anxiety, or you know someone who does, I really do recommend this recording. It gives a deeper, real level of understanding of mental illness. A wholeness to the reason for it and a whole lot of hope as to how to begin the healing process. Raman reminded us of the power that we do have in our healing, which exists everywhere for everyone.

Love Vic xx


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