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Creating an Abundant Life with Raman Pascha - A Review

Reviewed by Victoria Steffens

What a night! Raman came with something very clear to tell us and he wanted to make sure we all understood his message.

We are a part of the unlimited Universe, so therefore we hold an unlimited power to create within us. We are all naturally abundant and yet we are not always shown this. Raman's message was to remind us of life's unlimited presence and how important it is for us to recognise that we are a part of this in every way possible. Abundance is right there, waiting to align with us to create. Everything we want, we must match that energy. Open to it, engage with it, step into it, become it. We must represent that energy that will flow from us. There must be no gaps or separation at all between us and that which we want more of. If we choose to engage in this energy, be prepared to have ideas, be inspired and have our thoughts and feelings stimulated.This really was such a good evening with Raman. The way he brings his message with such clarity and importance, threaded with his love and support, leaves you with a feeling that anything is possible. This is definitely one for the collection.

Love Vic xx

Recording is now available for purchase here:


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