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Raman's Annual Colour Calendar 2021 - A Review

Reviewed by Victoria Steffens

I have always loved Raman’s annual Colour Calendar evenings. They have consistently been a marking point in the year and what a year 2020 has been!

We are moving into a time where the old models and methods of life are being challenged and this must occur if we and the planet are to heal, evolve and grow. This may ask us to review, let go, not hold tightly and to follow those currents that can see us stopping one thing and beginning another. To let go, turn inward, connect with Spirit, have confidence and respond to those moments of hope as they come along. We are being called to pay attention to the now, to what we are doing with the current energy and to what we need and know.

The year to come is very much about hope. Real answers and real results for the things we are doing that we know matter. So when we feel creatively the changes we want to make, align with the energy, feel it, follow it and it will take us on our paths. Let this calendar guide us. We are the creator of our lives, of everything we know and experience.

What made this night extra special was that it was Raman’s last public evening in the Pascha building, as next year Pascha is moving to Governors Bay. Just like Raman spoke of tonight - graciously letting go of the old to make way for something truely beautiful that I know will emerge. So to Raman, Yasmeen and Jonathan, I give my heartfelt thanks for what you continue to make available to us. Thank you for this truly wonderful gift.

This recording is available to purchase online or via dropbox, CD also available.

Love Vic xx


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