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Meditation for Hope in the World - A Review

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Meditation for Hope in the New World Review with Raman Pascha Reviewed by Victoria Steffens

Raman’s Meditation for Hope in the World was a very timely reminder that we are participating at a very important time, in the consciousness of humanity. Our presence and energy has helped colour and shape the world in which we live and it is our active participation of our consciousness that will transform this world. When we recognise that strong, clear, loving energy inside of ourselves, it is our very existence, presence and energy that makes the difference for others and for the world. And when we receive and consciously carry this light, it radiates like the sun to where it is needed.

Some of the greatest suffering in human existence is that sense of disconnection, of not being loved. This energy brings healing; the light to remind the individual soul that they are not alone. That there is a part of them that is strong, clear and loving. We are all participating in this together. No one is doing this on their own.

The energy of Hope is an energy that invites awareness within us of what can be and what is. Hope is a seed. A reminder of love. A beautiful opening of the heart. It is not our imagination when we know that the world can be a very good place.

Love Vic xx


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